The Lady In Red

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    the lady in red

    people went into vacant lots and pulled up greens to cook and the
    men rolled Bull Durham or smoked Wings (10 cents a pack) and the
    dogs were thin and the cats were thin and the cats learned how to
    catch mice and rats and the dogs caught and killed the cats (some
    of the cats), and gophers tore up the earth and people killed them
    by attaching garden hoses to the exhaust pipes of their cars and
    sticking the hoses into the gopher holes and when the gophers
    came out the cats and the dogs and the people were afraid of
    them, they circled and showed their long thin teeth, then they
    stopped and shivered and as they did the cats rushed in followed
    by the dogs, people raised chickens in their back yards and the
    roosters were weak and the hens were thin and the people ate
    them if they didn't lay eggs fast enough, and the best time of all
    was when John Dillinger escaped from jail, and one of the
    saddest times of all was when the Lady in Red fingered him and
    he was gunned down coming out of that movie.
    Pretty Boy Floyd, Baby Face Nelson, Machine Gun Kelly, Ma
    Barker, Alvin Karpis, we loved them all. and there were always
    wars starting in China and they never lasted long but the
    newspapers had big black headlines: WAR IN CHINA!
    the '30s were a time when people had very little and there was
    nothing to hide behind, and that Bull Durham tag dangling from
    the string coming out of your pocket - that showed you had it,
    you could roll with one hand - plenty of time to practice and if
    somebody looked at you wrong or said something you didn't
    like you cracked him one right in the mouth, it was a glorious
    non-bull***t time, especially after we got rid of Herbert Hoover.

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