The Last Whole Earth Catalog

Discussion in 'Survival Reading Room' started by Seacowboys, Jun 16, 2009.

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    That's funny, I bought one of those at a flea market a year ago.

    I love the idea, but sometimes it makes you wonder about how the author's decided what to include and what not to. I.E., a page on natural childbirth, and the next few pages on small aircraft navigation.

    Good stuff!
  3. Seacowboys

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    The Author was a pioneer of alternative living and included everything that he could think of that might be of use, might be a bargain, or had strategic purpose. One of my favorites is a factory that made building materials out of polermerized black strap molasses.
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    GOT ONE HERE SOMEWHERE. sorry bout caps, am typing with one finger, ain't going back. anarchist cookbook too. carla emerys tome... great info source there also. a bunch of kurt saxton books with all kinds of odd info. all the foxfire books. a ton of mother earth news mags. i was mothers lifer number 4500. i could go on and on. have no idea how many books i actually have. probably 3000 any way.
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    My beard is as old as TLWEC. My first wife took all copies when she left along with much else. Oh well. Would Love a copy of The Anarchists Cookbook. Had all the Mother Earth News and the Foxfire Books also. The ten achres in Vermont was the 2nd biggest loss.
  6. tacmotusn

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    google "anarchist cookbook free download".

    the whole thing is available online now. go

    but, I got a late 60's copy [beer]
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    You are awesome, SC :)
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    Thanks tacmotsun. How about Steal This Book by Abbey Hofman? It's available now too. Anoteher great source of info.
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    actually there is one called
    "The Millennium Whole Earth Catalog" which came out in 1999 0r 2000 has a white cover but mine isn't white anymore.
  10. tacmotusn

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    WAS AT A GUN SHOW LAST WEEKEND oops sorry bout the caps. one table had books, ... turner diaries, anarchist cookbook$30, both kurt saxon Poor man's James bond vol 1 and 2 at $30 ea and alot of others. No titles available I didn't already have or have read and had no interest
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    I have one called The Big Book of Self-Reliant Living. At a glance it seems to have some odd listings but if the 8th grade public school curriculum were based on this book the avg person wouldn't seem like such a moron.

    Have a few of the titles already listed, as well.

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