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    From the October 2007 Idaho Observer:


    God of the newest testament

    It is axiomatic that the God of every religion decrees laws which humanity must obey and government enforce.

    The First Amendment guarantees religious freedom because 700 Protestant sects and their Catholic rivals couldn’t agree on what laws were supposed to be. While this is astonishing since all are "Christian," with most sects convinced every Biblical word is true and no contradictions exist, the real point being made is that Democracy needed to create its own "Law" separate from religion. Without the force of God permitting judges to interfere with things like child custody disputes, marriage, divorce, taking drugs, enforcing contracts, and a plethora of things which are quite notoriously none of government’s business—and never has been. Democracy made "Law" sacred. It elevated the decisions of people elected to be legislators to the level of Supremacy over the express dictates of every God known to mankind.

    "Gunsmoke’s" Marshal Dillon did not enforce the rule of Calvinism, Martin Luther, the Pope, or Islam’s Shari’at. He brought "Law" to the old West. Hallelujah. The new God made all others bow down before Him. Thou shalt drive 55 mph, or 65 mph, or whatever is posted. Thou shalt have only one wife, be permitted to exchange a current spouse as often as wither party desires, practice usury, be imprisoned for failure to pay child support, be imprisoned for growing marijuana and it is illegal to cry in public. And if you are a TV evangelist, you must secure a permit from the government to deliver your message to the masses. There are lots of religious icons for Law. The Christian cross is replaced by a red, white and blue flag. The Statue of Liberty is revered in place of Mary; Uncle Sam plays God.

    Thou shalt torture political prisoners at Guantanamo—the Law allows it.

    Thou shalt rig elections without being tried, sentenced to death, or executed. There is no Law punishing that. It was ruled more sacred that those elected, even by crook, have immunity to do evil. Since the 1990s, judges who use their courtrooms to corruptly act with vile motive not only keep their jobs and pensions -- they can't be sued civilly. Judges made this sacred Law.

    There is always a pre-sacred period before a sacred period. A new God spoke to change something the people never voted to change. Smoking marijuana or giving a political speech on a campus without obtaining a license, can suddenly become an act of eternal damnation requiring punishment first on Earth.

    American democracy is a defacto religion. We are expected to obey the law even when it conflicts with one’s religion. Mormons and Muslims can have more than one wife. Rastafarians smoke dope. The Christian Right now worships a God greater than Jehovah and Jesus, inasmuch as the "Law" can regulate any religion. Remember Waco, Texas and suppression of the Moonies? The Christian Right loves the new God because government supports a few of its sacred agendas, like people having no right to have abortions no matter what religious freedom the Constitution permits. Now that marriage is a government function rather than a religious sacrament, this rite can be granted or denied to lesbians and gays.

    People may spend an hour in church per week, but every waking hour of every day, they shalt worship this Democracy. They may elect representatives and then blindly obey whatever the representatives tell them to do. Enactments become the Law.

    Atheists who desire no God also worship at the Altar of Taxation, with or without representation. They too bow down to the Law. There is witchcraft in taking oaths of office. These spells are dishonorably violated every single day with no punishment suffered. They swear to uphold a constitution they promptly refuse to obey in any fashion whatsoever unless it suits a special interest they favor.

    In short, the "cult" of Americanism became our national religion. Parades, sports arenas and references to apple pie replaced responsible, accountable government. This new religion gave elected representatives dictatorial powers -- far more than any priest. Conveniently, they are also the ones empowered to change Holy Scripture according to their own will.

    Lots of inconsistencies are accepted by the faithful. A pickpocket is a thief to be punished by Law. Adding insurance premiums to the cost of healthcare is a legitimate business. It is unlawful for pimps to manage prostitutes who trade sex for money, but judges routinely order defenseless children to be placed in the custody of sexually abusive foster homes run by the state.

    The new God claims the 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th and 14th Amendments apply only to protect the small percentage of people chosen to rule. The rest are swine denied protection of the same laws. They forgive no trespass except among their own class. These priests apply "reason" to justify desired results. Their "reason" follows no logic, or even prior decisions. "Reason" merely approves circumventing what they swore to uphold.

    Christians, in particular, made a conscious choice to no longer worship their God but a government which permits a chosen few to make money. Flocks are guided to bow down before a living god created in the image their rulers desire. This God of Prosperity rewards the wealthy, devoted rascals who become one to fulfill earthly desires. Pray. Christians prefer to worship the beast that gave them a Social Security number without which no one can do anything. Law in a Democracy is the God who shalt have no other before Him. No scripture, no dogma, or even any reason of accepted human logic is permitted to stand in Law’s way. Nothing shalt be more revered. Defiance is not legally permissible.

    Defiance is Criminal.

    Law is the deity factually in place. Obedience to its authority is advised by both lay and religious shepherds. TV evangelists lead the flocks on this path. Whether this situation is proper or improper is left for each individual to resolve. It is sufficient here if the public finally understands what they are fully responsible for doing. Loyalty to the State has become a religion superior to God Almightly, and heresy to that principle is not to be tolerated.

    Everyone is equal under the Law though some, such as members of the Christian Right, politicians, judges, prosecutors and billionaires, are currently recognized as being more equal than others. The Law must be worshipped in this way, otherwise, Presbyterians (or Catholics) who want Unitarians (or Moslems) tortured at Guantanamo would themselves be subject to torture.

    Richard Geffken

    Mayo, Florida

    Editor's note: Praise the Lord God of Law, the newest testament whereby the meek shall wear a bicycle helmet or go to jail and the ruthless shall mass murder without cause. Amen. ~DWH
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