the left "guns kill civil society"

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    BO strikes again: "Guns kill civil society," says State Department nominee

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has scheduled a Wednesday vote on a State Department nominee who supports gun control on a global scale. While advocates of the Second Amendment have come to expect that appointees of President Barack Obama would be hostile to the rights of gun owners, the president's nominee for legal advisor to the State Department reaches a whole new level of anti-gun extremism. Harold Hongju Koh (pictured left), who served at the State Department under the Clinton administration, is a self described "trans-nationalist" who believes that our laws -- and our Constitution -- should be brought into conformity with international agreements. "If you want to be in the global environment, you have to play by the global rules," Koh told a Cleveland audience. Koh's positions treat our constitutional law as if it were a mere local ordinance on the greater world stage.
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    Dark days ahead!
  3. ghrit

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    Unintended consequences are ahead, I cannot see how subjugating the US to some set of global overlords can do us any good. zero will have a hard time if he keeps up this across the board funny business.
  4. tacmotusn

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    I posted this to inform only. I agree whole heartedly that dark times are ahead. But, my friends I want to remind one and all BE VERY CAREFUL OF YOUR RANTS. I have no doubt that those who would call us right wing domestic terrorists monitor this site and many many others. They will use our words against us. You know in your hearts I speak the truth in this. Please be very vague and careful. JMHO of course [flag] God Bless America!
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    I'm sorry Tac but I have to disagree with you. We should NOT be careul of our rants. We should shout them from the rooftops. Timidity would never have secured this nation for us. If our founding fathers had of held their rants, had not publicly challenged tyranny, then where would we be today?

    Should we be afraid to be labeled as a "Domestic Terrorist"? Hell no!!!
    We should be a "Terror" to those who would subvert and seek to destroy this great nation of ours. We should be a threat and a danger to any enemy of this nation, foriegn or DOMESTIC. We should shout our defiance of unconstitutional laws, unconsciounable actions, unforgivable sins, against this the land of the free. Free as long as we make our discontent heard and known. As long as we are not afraid to rant.

    The only way politicians will steal our freedoms and our God given rights is if we let them. Is if they know they will not be opposed. If they know they will not suffer any recriminations, any consequences.

    We must let them know that We The People are watching them. We The People will judge them. And if warranted, We The People will hold them accountable. We show them with our Votes from the ballot boxes. We show them with our Rants from our soap boxes. And, God forbid, they ever push too far, we will show them from our ammo boxes.

    We should rant from any soap box available so that we may hopefuly reverse the erosion of our liberties so that our prodigy will not have to resort to the ammo box to restore those liberties.

    And let this serve notice to any and all who may monitor this site. IF you pass or enforce laws that defy the constitution of this nation. IF you participate in any way in the illegal violation, denial, or disolution of the freedoms and liberties that patriots in this nation have fought, bled, and died to secure and preserve then I will be your enemy. I will be a terror to you.

    Label me what you wish. Put me on your list. Put me on the top of your list of those who will stand and fight to protect the freedom that this nation was founded upon. That will fight, and die if need be, to secure for my prodigy the precious liberty that so many have fought and died to give to me.

    I will not be timid. I will not be careful. I will not be silent. I will not go quietly into your dark night.

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    I agree. They know who we are anyway. If you belong to the NRA, GOA, JFPO been to a tea party or even a member of this website you are an enemy of the state. As long as you don't come out and make a seditious statement you should say exactly what you feel. And the only reason not to make a seditious statement is the trouble you'll cause the mods and operators of this site.
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    Seems like a good place for this article that I read a long time ago.

  8. ghrit

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    Tacmotusn, I don't think the site will suffer in any way from commentary of individual members. Posting rants is a significantly different matter than advocating violent actions against either individuals or governmental groups. That said, Minuteman is right, we must speak up for out beliefs. If, in doing so, we find our INDIVIDUAL selves on a list somewhere, so be it. As long as the CoC is followed, the site should continue with the primary rason d'etre, that being preparation for whatever is your personal bugaboo. So far as K-R's concern of how the site mods and admin's will be affected, that is what we are here for. We will not permit deviations from the CoC, and we will not censor opinions expressed appropriately.

    RANT ON!!
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