The lie to us about wolves the lower 48

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    Re: The kie to us about wolves the lower 48

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    A few years back (1995) I had a neighbor with a fence made of telphone poles, standing up about 9 ft in height. I knew there was some thing going on behind that wall...I could hear them!
    One day he accidentally opened the "gate" too fa,r and out spilled the biggest wolves I have ever seen in my life! (they do look smaller in zoo's!)
    They ran towards me and he was screaming at me: don't run! I already knew better, and stood my ground, facing the oncoming beast. When I showed no fear and made no move to retreat, they walked past and ignored me.
    Within a week, they were rounded up by a number of game and fish officers and taken away in trucks, along with their owner in the rear of a sheriff's car.
    It was something to see! I knew they were big, but I had no idea how big and how fast!
    I cannot begin to imagine running into pack of them in the wild!
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