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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tango3, Dec 7, 2006.

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    'If this catches one potential terrorist, this is a success.' - Ahern

    'Ahern sucks big drippy ones.' - Me

    [sheep] -> Sure, whatever they want to do is okay with us. Just as long as we are safe. I'll give up more of my freedoms in order to see 'potential' terrorists put behind bars. Yay for HS and Ahern.

    Any further comments that I make about this will be seen in the bubble above the red smiley on the soapbox, as they are inappropriate for children, ladies, gentlemen and anyone that doesn't want their ears to fall off from excess heat.


    Big Brother strikes again.
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    Welcome to the 80's Soviet Union, the Party is watching you comrade.
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    the ap story says they're just looking at ticket purchase, route, luggage, etc, until they add that one additional search field(the HS silver ,gold or black star ratings...)Sounds innocent enough but once the infrastructure is in place, its alot easier to pass a slight change. (you know the cheaper "more efficient" software upgrade buried in some pork spending bill)...
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