The Little Savages

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    United States is raising a nation of savages | Fox News
    Manhunt for suspects in beating death of WWII veteran | Fox News Video
    Louisiana boy, 8, shoots 90-year-old relative after playing video game, police say | Fox News

    What are we going to do about a young society so disconnected? Raised by TV, lack of father figure in the home, schools with no discipline, lack of jobs for the youth today, video games with graphic violence desensitizing kids, hooked on their phones with texting and facebook...and so on. There is a societal collapse all around us, and the answer to solving this problem is elusive to me. We could go back a couple of generations and declare kids need to be in church, work the family business, marry before sex, and obey their elders.... but that is a joke to these kids.... what do you think we should do to guide our young within our sphere of influence?
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    Bring back spanking when they are younger.
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    This is the sad truth. Thank Liberals for the Child protection act of 1976 which makes it Illegal to paddle or use any type of spanking instrument. This piece of excrement law Outlawed corporal punishment in schools and turned the streets red with blood. I almost went to jail for spanking my kid in 1994. I hate this topic as I have been right in the middle of it. I THANK GOD for turning my son before he went the route of gangster. I see these little punks all over the local big city with their pants down to their knees displaying zero respect for law or their elders. Yes sir we have destroyed God in the United States and we a re reaping what we have sown. KF
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    I too , have run into this issue. My wife is hard core against it, and my daughter has become a handful from time to time. And she has never been spanked, though she should have been. It came to blows one night, when I sent my daughter to bed, and she refused. I told her I would carry her, if she could not get there on her own, GO TO BED. she refused. I picked her up and she started screaming bloody murder! Her mother charged in and started beating on me.
    Due to medical issues, she will bruise if you look at her funny. So i called the cops. I had pushed her off me, and I knew she would bruise, so I wanted documentation. I also got the cops to quote the law to her. I DO have the Right (by law) to discipline my child as long as I leave no lasting marks, or injure the child. It is still a hot button topic here, and my daughter just left for college last week. I too, hate this subject.
    As for the pants issue, I have instructed several kids in the proper use of a belt at this house, including one who got his pants tied up with a rope and a series of knots he could not figure out. He will not repeat that mistake at this house again. Your underwear will not be displayed in this house, anymore than leaving your pecker hanging out. ever.
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    This is the main reason that we are homeschooling. Our local schools seem to be okay, and I'm sure our child could get a fairly decent education there; but I don't want all of the hard work that we've done toward raising a decent human being be undone by peer pressure and association with the little thugs that he'd be in school with. I saw it with my older two, when homeschooling wasn't really an option, and we're seeing it with friends of ours now - they raise up a sweet child to the age of five or six, send them to school, and get back a little monster. It starts even earlier if they have to send them to preschool.

    I can't change society. I can't make other parents be responsible decent people, and properly bring up their children. I can only directly affect my little corner of the room, and try to keep other people's garbage out of my corner. I hate that I have to closely monitor who my child associates with, but to do otherwise seems foolish.

    We've always had trash in our society, from before our nation WAS a nation. We do, however, seem to have a greater degree of it these days. The "Bad Element" actually seems to be the majority in many areas. We have become a soft nation, a privileged nation; full of soft, privileged people. Nations, and people, are tempered by the fire of challenge and adversity.

    Our young are growing up in a world where work is foolish; you can sit on your butt, or wander around the streets with your butt hanging out, and eat as good or better as those who knock themselves out working forty to sixty hours a week. Those in our society who do not work are fat! That is outrageous.

    Our young are growing up in a world where gratuitous sex, violence, and bad attitude is shoved down their throats by every media outlet; the music that they hear, the movies that they watch, the magazines that they read. Once upon a time, most TV, movies, and music portrayed a utopian society. Sure, it wasn't reality; but it was an aspiration at least. Our home life may not have been exactly like "Leave it to Beaver," but we could watch that show, or "Andy Griffith," and feel a little bit better about the world. The gritty underbelly of society was sometimes portrayed, but was relegated to specific genres, like film noir. We, as a society, didn't glorify garbage. We do now.

    Our young are growing up in a world where service, dedication, honor, and responsibility are archaic notions. A pathetically small portion of the youth of our society serve in our military, or volunteer at local hospitals or animal shelters, or do anything else to protect and benefit their local communities, or the society as a whole.

    It isn't the fault of our youth. They didn't come out of the womb as thugs. It is the fault of their parents, and of a society that allows our current state of affairs to exist, and to continue to decline. I feel sorry for most children these days. They never had a chance to be a decent human being. But that doesn't mean that I have to let other people's garbage into my little corner of the room. I can at least attempt to impart to my child the importance of honor and responsibility, and prepare him against the sea of people he will encounter who don't know what those words mean.

    I'm just waiting for the reset button. That's the only way our once proud nation will be able to find its way again, if at all.
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    you can add the whole Trayvon Incident if you wish .... I give him 90% of the fault for his tough man bully attitude .... I give Zimmerman 10% because he should have been armed with something non-lethal like a club or tazer to beat the kid's nuts back home .....
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    Travon was sitting on his chest raining mixed martial blows on Zimmerman. A club might have helped earlier, but from that position? i doubt it would have helped, and a Tazer would have gotten them both.;)
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    There's no such thing as non-lethal.....but back to the funny.."a club or tazer".....ha ha ha ...that's funny and actually quite sad if that sounds logical to you.
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    Oakland Shooting on Cam, Kids Walks By Like It's Nothing
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    The Councilman was scarier than the shootout.:eek:
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    It is scary. Very scary. My family is 90% white and us white folks now have a target on our backs. It seems that this let's k*** whitey is a socially acceptable act and is protected by the government. I knew it was going to get bad, second term and the gloves are off. Now the true agenda emerges.
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    I agree with you that the altercation turning deadly was primarily Martin's fault. Zimmerman clearly instigated the altercation, and I can't escape the feeling that Zimmerman is a jerk; but the incident didn't need to become deadly. Martin could have just explained who he was, and who he was visiting, and I think the situation would have been resolved. Or, if he felt threatened by Zimmerman, he could have just turned and ran away. I don't think Zimmerman would have been able to keep up with him for long. Instead, he acted like a thug; and he met an end all too common amongst thugs. The altercation was Zimmerman's fault. The fatal shot was Martin's fault. IMHO
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    I see it as two stupids met, an only one survived the meeting of the lack of minds.
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    Though I agree both had fault and both made bad choices.... but the fact is one was better prepared and trained- to live and fight another day, and this proved out in this engagement. ;)
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