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    was just reading an email from mountainguerrilla

    World Made By Hand by James Howard Kunstler

    This is the first in a series of novels by the author, set in upstate New York, some years in the future of what the author has described as “The Long Emergency,” in his nonfiction book of that title. In many ways, I am much of what Kunstler bemoans as the collapse of society (he views tattoos as a sign of resurgent barbarism….I’m strangely okay with that). On the other hand, I’m already doing a lot of what he believes is necessary to survive the Long Emergency, and maintain some kernel of culture in the process, so we might actually get along, despite his antipathy towards my tattoos.

    I love this series of books. I’ve read them a few times, and it’s a great series, and an interesting concept—that I tend to agree with—on how things are progressing….or regressing, to use the term that he would probably choose. I highly recommend it, along with his books “The Long Emergency” and Too Much Magic. Even if you don’t agree with his conclusions, they are well argued and documented. Besides, anyone who hate suburbia as vehemently as Kunstler does cannot be all bad, as far as I am concerned.

    and did a look up of said book... $1.99 for kindle... if ya care to look the long emergency
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    I'm a tattooed Kunstler fan myself, and think he is right about "the long emergency", and I see it in action almost daily. Oh yeah, I am a barbarian, and damned proud of it too...
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    I just picked it up... will read later... good to hear a report on it... thanks
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    I read a World Made by Hand years ago. It was okay in my opinion. My Mom really enjoyed the series. His books are quite realistic. Some people prep and do not think beyond the first year or two. Getting back to the old ways is what would have to happen and many preppers in my opinion do not focus on learning the skills their grand-parents used in their everyday life.
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    Too much to do to read now, maybe later.
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    I don't agree with the Kuntsters way of thinking. I read his stuff on TheBurningPlatform once in a while.
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    We traded hunting bison and growing corn for plastic ATM cards and often work for months without seeing any product from our labors except digital information, a bunch of ones and zeros that represent storage of credit points at the bank. Maybe that is an evolutionary response to biological imperative? I am watching a pair of house wrens and see them constantly carrying food to their fledglings in the nest they built in a hanging flower pot on my patio. The male constructed the nest initially without the help of his mate. He built 12 of them, each in a carefully selected spot and probably didn't have a clue why, it was biological imperative but maybe he thought he was commanded by God. Once his nests were completed, he knew there was an abundance of food available and he was an excellent hunter, he decided that a companion was in order so he, even though he hadn't seen another wren since flying back to near where he was hatched last year with a flock of like-minded wrens returning from migration, it was time to find a mate. God commanded this. He sang all night long for several nights until a lonely female listened and flew over to chat. They visited and he carried her to each of the nests he had constructed and was so proud of. She went from one nest to another and finally selected one of them as suitable for a bird of her stature and the deal was consumated, eggs were fertilized and she immediately began redecorating her nest with softer grasses, pine needles, and silk spider egg nests; men, what the hell do they know about nests. Surely he doesn't think I'm going to raise my brood on twigs? She'll lay one egg a day until she has four or five eggs to incubate. She sits on them and turns them and the male will bring her food until the young hatch. God commands this, it is biological imperative.
    The eggs will hatch soon, in the order they were laid. Once there are fledglings, mother doesn't have to stay home so much to keep the eggs warm so she joins papa, hunting bugs and feeding the hungry little babies. They work diligently together, catching bugs and feeding their young. At night, mom will join her babies in the nest to keep them warm and papa will sit on a carefully selected guard post and stand watch to warn them of any impending danger, such as a hungry snake or another invading carnivorous bird. He will fight, if needed to protect his family. This is God's commandment. Soon, the fuzzy little pin feathers on the fledglings turn to real feathers and number one son is ready to fly but mom and pop know it will have to wait another few days while junior, who is four days younger, has reached a stage of development that will enable him to fly as well because God has commanded that they all leave the nest on the same day.
    The young will leave the nest in the order they hatched, their first flight being awkward a little bit but flight, none the less. The youngest and final fledgling to leave the nest often requires a bit of encouragement from the proud parents, that is God's way. It is biological imperative.once all the young have made their Kitty-Hawk debut, the new flock will stay together a while to learn that bugs often crawl around free-roaming the territory that God had had given them and can be eaten at will rather than waiting to share what mom or pop brought to the nest that had to be shared with their sibling; free food for all, as much as you can catch. Mom and pop go their own ways then and pretty soon papa will be right back to building or repairing his nests to entice another mate and it starts all over again until God commands them to reassemble into a flock and head south for the winter.
    Man created writing as a means of communicating and sharing ideas, eventually the text message was created and given to them by God as a means of reproduction.
    Man started out following biological imperative too. He built multiple nests, shelter because he didn't have fur or feathers to keep him safe from the elements, built in srartegically placed positions to better enable defense from marauding animals or other humans that hadn't been quite as diligent. His time was divided between constructing these shelters and finding food. He was nomadic until finding a spot that would provide both shelter and an abundance of food over a period of time. Eventually, he began cultivating plants to suppliment the occasional mastadon that would fall to his sharpened stick. Once he learned to control fire, he could roam longer in search of food, God would command him to find a mate. He would sing all night to attract a mate, songs about how delicious the mastadon steak was when warmed and charred on his fire, a gift from God. Once a mate was located by the lure of food, shelter, and defense, he would breed her and bring her food while she bore his offspring. As do all woman, eventually she remodeled the cave into a mobile home with a satellite dish and HBO. He no longer spent so much time hunting or protecting, as he had learned to barter and had to take a job at the local spear factory, they would pay him in stone beads that he could trade for more construction materials for the kid's room and buy packaged hotdogs made from synthetic mastadon meat. The beads were hard to keep, tending to roll away into every crook and crevas so he flattened them into cards, the original ATM card except it was usually made from paper or metal, as stone beads didn't flatten well and wouldn't fit into his wallet. More people began using the beads and pretty soon, evolution created digital media and he didn't have to carry around cash any more, he could just use a single card and pay someone else to store his plunder until needed. Those that stored his plunder would loan it out to others with compounded interest. God gave us the smart phone.
    There got to be so many men sharing the same hunting grounds, that eventually evolution had to interdict because there were just too many men singing their praises to be heard by fertile females in search of food and a split-level ranch house with swimming pool and AC, so the electric guitar was invented to be heard really loudly. This worked well until everybody got stoned at woodstock and the birth-control pill was mass-marketed to allow sex to move from biological imperative towards recreation. Pornographers created numerous instructional videos and soon, viagra let even the old men, well past their child-rearing years, to keep getting laid and the era of free love was born but short lived. Men soon realized that if they just had sex with other men, it still felt pretty good and would not result into having to build a two-story McMansion with heated pool and four car garage and buy processed mastadon dogs to feed the hungry shrew at home with the brood, if they kept it in the closet. Soccer mom mobiles were created and God gave us the means to live in separate caves and send alimony and child-support instead of being a father, protector, provider. Soon men began marrying other men and women found out that other women could also provide both care and sex. People began trying to explain why they were ignoring biological imperative and God got angry and sent them to Hell, where everybody has to work for ones and zeros, electric guitars no longer attracted a mate that would reproduce, and everybody would argue and fight all the time just to defend their position,. Social media was created by God to bring people closer to full-fill their biological imperative but it eventually back-fired and was taken over by deviants. Wars were fought, not so much out of ideaology or survival, but rather as an economic stimulus for those that stayed the course and wanted a fortress with plenty of food and chips. The baby daddy was born when those that stayed the course of biological imperative and became prosperous, began sharing their wealth with those that just bred and fled. Biological imperative became secondary to hedonism and God was angry so evolution created disease to slow down the impending death of their species. God gave us text messaging in an attempt at bringing co-existence back on line following biological imperative .God gave us Spotify, Youtube, and Celine Deon in an attempt at reclaiming the urge to procreate. God placed the costs of medical treatment for disease and malady well beyond the reach of those that were predominately in the economic regions that would father multiple babies and just leave them for the state to provide for. Mothers no longer even have to feed their young at their breasts, bottles of milk from domesticated cows now take that chore, and the government sends out ones and zeros to them to trade for it and Nike shoes and crack cocaine.
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    I've missed your writings Sea.
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    Robert Burns wrote an apology to a mouse after plowing up a very nice mouse den. I watched some birds and figured out that God and biological imperative just may be the same entity.
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    JUST GREAT...........................THANKS
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