The Lost Giant Concrete Arrows Across The US

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Quigley_Sharps, Nov 18, 2013.

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    Neat history! Just checked the 3 within 30 miles and none are visible via Google Maps (the one example they give at the bottom of the page is down near St George, UT and shows that they are def big enough to see via GM). One looks like the square pad might still be there and it's within about 30yds of the road so I might just jump on the bike and take a trip out to check it out.

    Thanks for the link, Q! I love cartography and mapping of fun stuff. Wish I had unlimited time & finances to explore all the neat things I've found wandering around GM.

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    How fun, thanks for posting the link.


    Speaking visible from the air, these old Soviet "signs" are made of trees planted in a specific pattern, and are visible from space
    The site English Russia has many more.
    WARNING - The EnglishRussia site has been known to make some anti-virus software go on alert. Or so I've been told.
    I've never had problems, but your PC is your PC. The site has so many really cool images, it is very addicting.
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    And I thought that was for the US Air Force!
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    nope it was for the army's fling wing flyers.... The AF had Navigators...;)
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    Guess you're right.

    Had an Old QM tell me he stayed away from the Interstate Hwy System.
    He figured his little Cherokee was too hard to be seen by the USAF.

    So he just did his usual Dead Reckoning cross country.
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    Nah. They left them up for when the autopilots crap the bed and the airline pilots have to figure out which way to go.
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    That is really cool.
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    You do NOT want to meet the Indians who used those.....
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    reminds me of the coastal litehouses of old and the Pony Express Riders set up .... I'm sure they are all long gone east of the Mississippi ...
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