The mad rush to liquidate begins

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    And it begins the mad rush to sell you stuff before it is all worthless. Maybe the gun collectors will start selling there guns at ten cents on the dollar. There could be some good deals to be had soon if you have the money to spend.[drooling]
    I have included some excerpts
    Harry Ford actually played with the first Star Wars toys he bought soon after seeing the original movie in 1977. Then his interest turned serious and, over the next 30 years, he amassed a collection of more than 2,000, many of them still in their boxes.

    With joblessness hitting a 25-year high in Indiana and likely to worsen, Ford isn't the only one parting with a cherished collection.
    Auction houses, sports card shops and collectibles dealers say they've noticed a huge increase in the number of people looking to sell their comic books, pottery and other collectibles. The bad economy dogs them even in their desperation, though: Few are buying.

    Humes, the Fishers eBay store manager, has seen so many people trying to sell collections that he's had to become picky. He turns away most comics, baseball cards and die-cast NASCAR vehicles in favor of designer merchandise and vintage collectibles, such as Lionel trains.
    He's sold off some high-end stuff in the past few months: A watch collector recently asked him to sell about $20,000 worth of designer timepieces, and a vintage-guitar aficionado recently liquidated about half his collection. There's been a substantial rise in the number of people bringing in expensive Lladro and Hummel figurines

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    If only I had known....
    I'd of sold off all my cameras, 4 Hasselblads, and 7 large 4 x 5 view cameras!
    Lots of coins in them lenses too!
    1 lense, a Hassleblad, I paid $4k for!
    Not to mention all that lab stuff!
    I sure could use that money, for more bandaids, beans and bullets now!
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