The Man You Fear- For our Countries Future

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Yard Dart, Mar 18, 2013.

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    We have seen how the last 4 plus years have gone for the U.S. I believe it is the culmination of a long term plan with a groomed prospect raised in the true communist fashion with the disdain of everything our founding fathers believed in. Everyone I know including myself is concerned everytime Barry Obama talks and even more when he has a consensus behind him on the direction of this great nation. He has a vision for our country that includes the demise of our constitution and enactment of his social policies that smell's a lot like socialism- and that taste is not any better the more I watch it develop!! He has another 4 years to enact his vision and continue running us down the rabbit hole to whatever is on the other side= nothing good in my opinion. If the house goes to the blue faction next year the speed of this change will greatly increase... to our demise as the nation we know it, or it is slowed down if it stays in the hand's of the red faction- but still in jeapordy regardless.

    Many will say there are political, financial or other puppet masters driving the show. Now many monkey's have an idea on what and who is driving the direction of this country. Who in your opinion is the one to watch for and defend against- as well as why? And is there anything we can do to mitigate the damage?
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    Many say it's the lobbyists and special interests, but let's face it; it is ultimately up to the lawmaker or politician whether or not to take that bribe or contribution. In my humble opinion, we must watch out for the sycophants; the mindless followers who allow the the statists to perpetuate their consensual slavery. There will come a time when neighbors will turn on each other for a scrap of food.

    At this point, I believe the infection is in the deep tissue and the limb is almost gangrenous. We're past the point of treatment, and the best COA is to get outta Dodge. Unfortunately, that isn't possible for most of us. Trying to carry on my life concurrent with prepping for the worst is like walking a tightrope.

    So other people. I'm no longer shocked by anything the government does; it's the sheep who will shock us all.
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  3. Gunny Highway

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    There will ALWAYS be sheeple. Ever since tyranny began to visited upon free men, sheeple were there to follow along. As long as it means a full belly and a roof over their heads and entertainment for them - they will blindly follow along
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    Vladimir Putin - Forbes In the process of trying to re-build Russia's global power
    Xi Jinping - Forbes World dominance is the Chinese goal- no matter how long it takes.
    Barack Obama - Forbes What is next- UN to create the one-world government he so desires.

    These are a few that I watch and listen to- they are the power players with the desire and ability to change the world right now. If SHTF comes in the near future, one if not all three will be in the middle of the cause. Just my opinion on the people I fear will drive us into chaos to meet there end goals.
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    Good point, especially regarding Putin. Russia has spent the last few years taking their conventional war capabilities and equipment to a level never seen before on that continent. China is hoarding resources from around the world, and, well, we know what the Clown-in-Chief is all about.....
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