The MINIMUM survival kit - supplies

Discussion in 'Back to Basics' started by monkeyman, Sep 2, 2005.

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    One thing I need for my BO bag is a book on what plants are edible or medical
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    Walmart also has the Combo: LED Light, Radio and Cell Phone Charger.

    Two for use, one sets in the Storm Shelter and the other by the Ready Locker.
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    a;so scrap re bar can be found very cheap any were or cheap screx drivers work as good tent stakes ....
    rebar can be bent very easly and works great
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    Bug Out Bag:
    1 x Machete
    1 x poncho
    1 x 2 man tent
    20 x cotton balls 1/2 dipped in wax
    1,000 rounds assorted ammo per bag for all firearms, If the BOB's only contain ammo specific to the firearm of the person carrying it, the loss of any one bag is catastrophic to the weapon
    1 x spool 50 lb test fishing line
    1 x assorted fishing hooks (Fishing Line and Treble hooks are also good for maintaining perimeter security!)
    1 x military mess kit
    1 x canteen
    1 x 5 gallon gravity water filter
    1 x field medical and minor surgery kit including suture's
    1 x combo magnifying, compass, etc.. tool
    1 x 500' roll parachute chord
    1 x 10' x 10' blue tarp
    1 x combat knife
    1 x Striking flint and steel kit
    1 x Cranking lantern/ spotlight, Radio
    1 x flashlight rechargeable batteries
    1 x long sleeve wool shirt
    6 x pairs of cotton socks
    water purification tabs
    4 x lighters
    10 x dehydrated meals
    1 x solar battery charger AAA,AA,C,D
    COST: approx $300 ( Ammo biggest expenditure, Luckily I saw it coming in time to beat the massive ammo grab)
    Bag weighs approx. 35 lbs
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