The Modern Whig Party

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    They have no chance of any major office most of their policy’s are far better than the the D's & R's.

    Whig Party (United States) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    The Modern Whig Party
    Modern Whigs are neither conservative nor liberal, and do not fit within a simple political paradigm. In fact, in a purely historical context, "classical liberalism" -- the belief in individual liberty, capitalism, representative government and the rule of law which forms the basis of our political system -- grew out of the first Whig movement in England in the late 1600s. In modern terms, we can be considered "conservative liberals." While we do indeed believe it's high time for a new political reality, the one we seek to create is intended to reinforce our traditional political and social order, not overturn it.

    We often say we favor methodology over ideology, meaning we look at issues through the prism of intelligent analysis and common sense rather than a rigid, predetermined outlook. While we embrace a wide range viewpoints, we all share the same basic framework for analyzing any particular economic, political or strategic issue.

    First, we consider principle: Is the recommendation constitutional? Does the level of government involved actually have the grant of authority necessary to take action? Does it conform to traditional American values of fairness, fair play, respect for individual rights and the rule of law?

    Next, we consider practice: Will the proposal or policy actually achieve what it is intended to do? Are there unintended results we should be concerned about? Will it be cost-effective?

    And finally we consider pragmatism: Can the goal actually be reached? Is the policy or program based on a realistic assessment of available resources and capabilities? If it isn't, is it realistic to expect those resources and capabilities can be developed within a reasonable time frame? And how much will it cost?

    We apply those three measures -- principle, practice and pragmatism -- to every analysis we perform. As you can easily imagine, working through those points can lead to some pretty robust debates within our party. But we welcome vigorous discussion, and we expect the energetic deliberations we engage in to result in the most rational policy proposals of any organized political party. We pride ourselves on the use of reason.

    Ultimately, our core beliefs are easy to summarize. We believe in a transparent and representative government, acting with sincere determination to produce the greatest good for the greatest number while honoring, preserving and protecting the individual rights of all. We believe it's exactly what our Founding Fathers had in mind: a can-do government serving a can-do people.
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