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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Blackjack, Jan 15, 2008.

  1. Blackjack

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    I've recently found a whole new respect for a little breed of dog that, turns out, is one of the most versatile, courageous hunting dogs around.......

    The dachshund!

    You may laugh at that, but read on.

    The more I learn, the more I'm impressed. Originally bred to hunt badgers, I knew they were potentially fearless, but I had no idea they were currently used to hunt so much.

    NATC members use them to track wounded deer and other large game, and to hunt groundhog, fox, raccoon, trailing rabbits, flushing birds, retrieving, and even teaming up with falconers to flush small game for the raptors.

    Not a bad little dog to have around post shtf.... and they don't eat much.

    Check out the NATC site HERE.

    Gotta hand it to the Germans when it comes to dog breeds.
    They've got the:
    Great Dane (most think this is a British breed, but it's German)
    Poodle (Credited to both France and Germany)
    Shorthair & Wirehair Pointers

    There's more, but that's quite an impressive list really.
  2. pgrass101

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    I have alwyas like dachshunds. A can do attitude in a can't do body :)

    I think they would be good for hunting
  3. slots

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    The Jack Russell Terrier is another small dog breed that enjoys hunting - especially for rats and rabbits. They also used to go on fox hunts.

    A little dog with lots of energy.
  4. Tracy

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    I've owned dachsunds. They can be very useful. Amazing hunters, fearless. In our "neighborhood" - a group of farms, where all of our dogs were allowed to play together - she ran the pack (of sheperds, dobermans and hounds) as the alpha female. They are quick, agile and tenacious.

    A dachsund on a farm was a very useful tool. While our neighbors had a rat problem in their barn, ours was safe. On the rare occasion that I did see a rat in the grain barrel, I simply tossed her in to take care of the problem. We didn't have much of a gopher problem in our yard, either. She'd wait at a hole for hours, then - when she was "set off" - she'd dig as fast as she could until she'd disappear down the hole. Soon, she'd reappear with her prey.

    Protective as the day is long. Faithful as can be.

    I've seen some "ruined" by their owners (as most breeds can be); tempermental little bitches with bad habits and no discipline. If you take the time with them (as with any breed); you won't be disappointed with the outcome.
  5. monkeyman

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    Thats supposed to be what our females father was and she's a PITA that Im particularly anoyed with today. She has figured out how to open the front door if it dosent latch quite right and again today let herself and my other dog out. Havent seen my male since the saw the open door and she ran off to chase stuff when I spotted her and called her. A couple dogs are going to have sore rumps when/if they make it home.
  6. Tracy

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    I was always taught that you don't punish them for coming home, but find them where they are, punish and send them home (easier said than done ;) ).
  7. Blackjack

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    Agreed.... Mokeyman, it gives them the wrong message, they don't associate the punishment with having left, they associate it with coming home... something you definitely don't want. To not confuse the dogs, they should always be punished while committing the violation, not later.
  8. monkeyman

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    Yeah I try and find them but figure maybe if cant get it associated with being gone by catching them gone can get it asociated with comeing home and get them to figure out they dont have to come home if they dont leave. I know if cant break her of opening the door it wont matter as will have to put her down to save the neighbors haveing to. I dont think they would intentionaly hurt their criters but they like to play and chase or herd and have been caught running a neighbors cattle before which cuts into their livelyhood on one neighbor by running weight off of them and potential injuries/death from broken legs and such and another because they dont milk well if run. So its understandable they have mentioned (politely) that they would have to shoot them if it continued (was back when we moved down and the dog wasnt leashed and we didnt know he was running on the neighbors places)and cant blame them in the least if they did since it takes money out of their pockets due to a trespasing dog.

    Hopefuly soon will be able to get the shock colars and the invisible fence and make sure the dogs get to associate it properly.
  9. the dog

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    daschunds are good little earth dogs...and dont forget the plott hound came from germany too.
  10. the dog

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    the jagterrier in a german dog also.
  11. Seacowboys

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    Garfield is a fearless hunter.He trees squirrels, coons, and possums, including the legendayry possum of many colors (paint-ball gun). He catches and kills turtles, frogs, lizards, toads, snakes.
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