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    (Keep in mind that distillation of alcohol with out proper liscense is illegal)

    Georgia Moonshine

    50 lbs. cornmeal
    200 lbs. sugar or equivalent in cane syrup or beet sugar
    200 gal. water
    10 lbs. bran (optional)
    12 oz. yeast
    Makes 36 gallons.

    To boiled corn meal add the yeast and sugar to ferment the mash. When the mash quits bubbling, it is cooked in the still and the steam is captured in a barrel filled with water (the "thump"). From the thump, the steam is allowed to cool and condense by running it through a long copper coil (the "worm") submerged in another barrel (the "flakestand") that is constantly cooled with water troughed in from a nearby stream. Condensed, the clear liquor drips from the bottom of the flakestand into a catch can or 1/2 gallon glass jars. The liquor is tested for alcohol content, or "proof," by adding gunpowder to it and igniting the mixture. If it burns, its "proof" is established at somewhere between 100 and 200 proof or 50% to 100% pure alcohol.
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    My grandfather's brother on my dad's side used to be a "in business" as he would say.

    Got my first taste at 12 ... Didn't try it again until I was in college. Definitely an acquired taste ...

    And I like a nip or two now and again, but dang ... 36 gallons ... LOL :D
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    My great uncles recipe... he was n the business in the 20's used to deliver it in ambulances... he was a kick in the pants to talk to has a great many stories of the old days...:D
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    An old Alabama boy I knew used to drop a cherry in the bottom of each jar of shine he made and let it "age" about a month. Had the damdest taste...
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    You can legally make up to 5 gallons per person in your household per year.
    You can't sell it though.
    I make wines and beers, and liquors. I don't drink even a single drop!
    I just like the chemistry of it!
    Right now I have really aged wine from prickly pear cactus fruit.
    5 gallons in a glass carbaloy bottle, aged for 5 years and by spring it'll be 6 years old!
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