The Muslim Brotherhood

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    “During this series, we will go into painful detail to identify and describe the primary Muslim Brotherhood organizations in the United States, especially those working with U.S. law enforcement, intelligence, and national security organizations. We will also detail some of the individual within the U.S. system who are aiding and abetting the Muslim Brotherhood, or at least unwittingly assisting them. The utter and complete catastrophic failure of the very agencies charged with protecting us will be detailed over the next several weeks. If facts are upsetting to you, please don’t read.”
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    Excellent article!

    Indeed. :) More people need to understand how detrimental the CIA and the OIC really are.

    History lesson for those interested:
    YouTube - OIC: 40 Years of frustration - 26 Oct 09 - Pt 1

    I wanted to add that this documentary is slanted to favor the Muslims, who are often depicted as "struggling" to be "equal", but this is a great resource for the coverage nonetheless. Never forget this battle was started WITH CLEAR PURPOSE. Divide and conquer pales in comparison with this. And today, with the media pushing anti-Israel/antisemitic reasoning, they also stir the pot and invigorate the growing Muslim culture. This is going to get really ugly, folks -make no mistake. The Muslims will try to kill everybody they can, and this war is going to go into overdrive.
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    I posted more on the "Political" board about this. I was in a hurry last time.

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    Kind of makes one wonder if Obama's claim of 57 states was really an accident after all...

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