The Nashville Tennessean, the traditionally liberal newspaper endorsed Mitt Romney

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    The Nashville Tennessean, the traditionally liberal newspaper that gave Al Gore his start in journalism, endorsed Republican challenger Mitt Romney for President Thursday.

    It was another stunning setback for the Obama campaign, already reeling from plunging poll numbers.
    While the state of Tennessee is not in play, the Tennessean's endorsement says a great deal about the growing disappointment with President Obama among those who supported him in 2008. Indeed, the Tennessean has a long tradition of endorsing Democrats for President -- from Barack Obama in 2008 to John Kerry in 2004 to Al Gore in 2000.
    The endorsement's critique of the Obama presidency could well find its way into some Romney campaign ads:
    President Obama’s steps to get spending under control and reduce the debt are too tentative, and again hark back to his inability to possess the leadership to break the partisan gridlock in Congress.
    That said, there is real fear that a Romney administration, including his more conservative running mate, Paul Ryan, would go too far with austerity measures that could rip the social safety net. For that reason, the hope is that Romney, as president, would be a moderate influence, bringing both parties together on a debt-reduction plan that is firm but fair...
    Should President Obama, as some suggested, have devoted his early political capital to jobs and debt reduction and pursuing Wall Street criminals, instead of health reform? Time will tell. But it’s clear whatever shaky bridges were burned in the push for health reform only emboldened Republicans to oppose his subsequent economic proposals. That has rendered much of his presidency ineffective.
    Barack Obama was elected in 2008 with a call for hope and change. Perhaps the change he spoke of could only come with the help of Mitt Romney.
    More Romney endorsements from liberal newspapers disappointed with President Obama's poor job performance are expected to come over the remaining days of the campaign.
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    By Susan Duclos
    It has been a good week for Mitt Romney, not only has he gained in the polls but newspapers that supported and endorsed Barack Obama have lost confidence in him and are not willing to give him another four years.
    First the Tennessean, who has not endorsed a Republican for president since 1972, reluctantly endorses Romney because they believe he has the business experience which gives him a better understanding of the needs of job creators.
    Barack Obama was elected in 2008 with a call for hope and change.
    Perhaps the change he spoke of could only come with the help of Mitt
    Gov. Romney: This endorsement was not an easy decision.
    You owe the American people more details about how you will keep taxes
    low, preserve social programs and build up the military, all while
    reducing the debt. You must be your own man, and not kowtow to special
    interests whose millions helped propel you to the Republican nomination.
    Be the man who governed Massachusetts, and you’ll reunite America.
    Then the New York Observer, which is center of the left and endorsed Obama in 2008, concludes their endorsement with:
    Change to Move Forward
    The United States simply cannot afford another four years of weak
    leadership. The genius of American capitalism and the moral authority of
    American foreign policy must be restored.
    Mitt Romney has a plan to do both. He has the credentials to restore
    the economy and to defend American values in a hostile world. He has the
    skills to help create jobs and a brighter future for our country.
    This election is a true turning point for the next generation. Mitt
    Romney is the change the nation needs. And he is the change New York
    Then the Orlando Sentinel that endorses Romney basically as a no confidence vote for Obama:
    We have little confidence that Obama would be more successful managing
    the economy and the budget in the next four years. For that reason,
    though we endorsed him in 2008, we are recommending Romney in this race.
    Then they conclude:
    Romney is not our ideal candidate for president. We’ve been turned
    off by his appeals to social conservatives and immigration extremists.
    Like most presidential hopefuls, including Obama four years ago, Romney
    faces a steep learning curve on foreign policy.
    But the core of
    Romney’s campaign platform, his five-point plan, at least shows he
    understands that reviving the economy and repairing the government’s
    balance sheet are imperative — now, not four years in the future.
    has a strong record of leadership to run on. He built a successful
    business. He rescued the 2002 Winter Olympics from scandal and
    mismanagement. As governor of Massachusetts, he worked with a
    Democrat-dominated legislature to close a $3billion budget deficit
    without borrowing or raising taxes, and pass the health plan that became
    a national model.
    This is Romney’s time to lead, again. If he
    doesn’t produce results — even with a hostile Senate — we’ll be ready in
    2016 to get behind someone else who will.
    We reject the innuendo
    that some critics have heaped on the president. We don’t think he’s a
    business-hating socialist. We don’t think he’s intent on weakening the
    American military. We don’t think he’s unpatriotic. And, no, we don’t
    think he was born outside the United States.
    But after reflecting on his four years in the White House, we also don’t think that he’s the best qualified candidate in this race.
    We endorse Mitt Romney for president.
    Just a little over two weeks away from the November 6, 2012 presidential election day, these last minute endorsements could very well tip voters who are on fence, right over into Romney’s camp.
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    The presidency looks like it's Romney's to lose. [woot]
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    We have a sign in our yard, support coal. Fire obama.
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    the Chicago papers, including the Chicago Tribune, the largest read newspaper in the Upper Midwest, isn't endorsing Obammy this time around .... they had a hard time in 2008, but they went with the local boy ..... they endorsed Romney early in the campaign .... not alot of anything favorable printed for Obammy ....
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