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    We had a Mama bird build a nest in the dryer vent. I noticed the chirping the other evening outside. We had not been running the dryer much and it must not get too hot because there were nestlings in there. I had been considering not running the dryer for a week or so till they flew off.

    Today while at work the kid send me a text saying we have a problem. Then sends me a video of the dryer. All you can hear is chirping. Seems the nestling got out and wandered the wrong way and was in the silver dryer hose. I rushed home to save the baby bird. (strange there is only one baby, not sure where the others went)

    It was a nestling, very few feathers but alive and unhurt. We shook it out of the tubing and put it on ground near the vent so his mama could find it. I called the 24-hour vet clinic and they said if the mama didn't come for it, they would humanely euthanize it tomorrow. We left it alone and the little bird moved more in the weeds so I lost sight of him. He was still calling for his mama as the sun set.

    I guess if he is still alive tomorrow, I will bring him to the wildlife place. Never had a baby bird or any wild baby animal issue like this. People say do not touch the baby because the parent will abandon them. I have heard of people nursing baby rabbits, coons and bird but this is a first for me.
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    When I was a kid we would euthanize critters with a stick.

    This is true get a couple of sticks don't touch the ends you pick it up with and put it back in the nest. once the bird hatches mom or dad / or both species dependent search for food, birds do not fly at night, they nest. That is how you capture birds, at night relocate to your pen. some species do not thrive or are hard to breed in captivity. Some carry diseases or parasites, but that is how primitive man started domesticating / raising birds and other animals.

    Sounds like your tender hearted and thats not a bad thing but raising animals some need to be culled because of deformity or failure to thrive it is netter to kill them quick that allow them to suffer.

    Rabbits domesticated ones you can move to another mother with fewer bunnies so they can get fed or else the litter with too many the runts will starve, The best way is to wash your hands take the bunny out wipe off all the excess fur nesting material go to the does nest your going to relocate to and take some fur out and rub the bunny down well with it, then place it in the nesting box with the other bunnies the scent will match and most likely the doe will accept it as her own. I do all my handling at night for birds. Animals can be cannibalistic sometimes it's a lack of nutrients or some are not good mothers rabbits bred will drop in 31 days, best to have a nesting box as big as the rabbit. I raise large breeds and I build my boxes 8X16X 8 inches front about edge 3 inches tall from that angled 45Degrees to top allow a doe about an 8X10 top deck to sit on top otherwise the bunnies will haggar the doe to no end.

    A bit backwards but always place the doe with the buck to breed not the other way as the doe will defend her cage and fight the buck. I leave them together a few hours and place the doe back in her cage. I do not place the nesting box until a week before she is due and place hay in the box or cage they will fluff it to their specifications before they drop they pull fur and fluff it on the nest once a layer of hay to cover the bottom of the cage I use 1/2 X1/2 wire for my does because the bunnies will get out and get hung in larger wire and break their limbs and neck freaking out from being trapped. you can build your own cages with hardware cloth from the hardware store cage clips and clip pliers make sure your nesting box will go into your cage door I use a welding rod to make cage door clips just copy one a and use the cage slips to mount on wire door for those I use 1X1 wire !/2X1/2---3 or 4 inches up from bottom of cage so bunnies do not get their parts trapped most times you can mess with the bunnies or pkace them back in the nest as long as your hands are clean, and no other rabbit scent is on your hands. Bunnies are agile and flip around a lot and sometimes get drug out by hanging on to mom or flipping out I take them out / ween them once they eat pellets. I try to move them in a group as they need each others warmth for survival / comfort If your going to raise rabbits download a chart of what they can eat rabbits need a pine board big enough to lay on to keep them from getting sore hocks / feet scratches / scuffing any cuts use Gentian violet. Ear mites look like scabs treat with peroxide from a spray bottle you need to hold them they don't like being treated just press against their back hold them down against the bottom of the cage I trim their nails to what sticks out of the wire, otherwise they can cut you up kicking, Most are not crazy but some are and will bite and attack you if you stick anything in their cage including your hands.

    After raising animals for a while you will not be so tender hearted animals can be viscous no matter the size. any billy bad ass that thinks different just grab a squirrel or a rat and see how long you can hang on :ROFLMAO: if it has teeth claws or hooves either your in control or getting your ass eat up or stomped.--- the reason old cowboys carried a gun -- to shoot the horse when it went nuts.

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    If your going to raise animals for food do not name them ,nor make them pets .
    Every one starting make excuse and exception for them self, but in the end find heart break .
    If you can without hesitation kill and eat your dog then I have no argument .
    I've learned to not get too close to my animals ( except my dog ) and feed water examine and ignore their inter fighting (they are board).
    Predators will get in and kill for food or entertainment , you can't take it personally , kill the predator, fix the fence, and move on.
    As for small birds , the parent will if they care, find it and coach it if possible to some where safe . If the hatchling stays on the ground it is food for something else , that's just life ,like it or not. it happens in the woods all the time and there is no one watching to do any thing about it , not only that ravens even squirrels find nests and rob them ,no one does any thing about that either .
    If you like birds build bird houses and put them in safe places around the house and feeders as well.
    It's what I do along with feeding my chickens .
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    Actually the other evening I mentioned in front of the youngest and his friends that I was getting the shop vac to taking care of the mess. I reasoned that it was a fire hazard but the kids looked at me like I had kicked a puppy. I am trying to go the peace and loving route now instead of doing the logical thing.

    I have seen the Mama bird this morning but have not heard the nestling.
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    It sounds like all the other nestlings left the nest and this guy, for whatever reason, needed a bit longer, a day or two, to get his wings. We had the same thing happen last year. I would bet he flew away.
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    Got a nest in a box on an outside shelving set.
    Cats seem to have missed it so far.
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    Millennial's are like that--- takes a while longer for them to leave the basement nest :D
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    The nestling died. Mama bird took care of it for a few days then for some reason she stopped. He seemed really healthy then the next morning when I looked he was dead. I think the other nestmates are flying now because things have become real quiet in the dryer vent.
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    Now you can get the landlord to install the flapper that should have been there in the first place.
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