The new Cosa Nostra

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Minuteman, Apr 2, 2009.

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    This is how ya get socialism without really trying ,first they take away the money and then they control it all ,they have a little way to go before they take them over completely but it won't be long !!!
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    Were ****ed!
  4. Ready

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    More of these institutions should have refused the funds, and took the punishment. They would have lost at first, but what about now?They would be the Smart Ones, and would have retained controll over their own affairs. of course, it could turn out like SC gov, refusing relief funds, but I for one would deal with a bank I knew did not accept these bailouts. When everyone caves in to pressure, we allow all of our liberties to go down the drain. We as Americans have to start to stand against what we know is wrong, whatever the cost.
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    Actually, I'd liken the Goobermint's performance lately more to that of Uncle Hugo Chavez's communist junta in Venezuela. They are slowly (but far too quickly!) nationalizing ALL our financial and big business interests. How soon before they nationalize all production - fuel, food, energy......... ?

    Comrade Princess Pelosi wants it ALL, and her smiling handpuppet obama is so willing to sign the orders. :rolleyes:

    Remember, 'presidents' come and go....... the 'Speaker' position could well be permanent. We are stuck with this Zombie-mistress. [troll]
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