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Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by CATO, Apr 16, 2012.

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  2. It has been said that the only difference between a highwayman and an IRS agent is that the IRS agent demands the sanction of his victim.

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    I heard that the difference between a Thief and an IRS agent is that the thief normally only robs you one time for whats in your pocket... the IRS does it yearly for anything that you might have or had...
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    An armed robber says stick'em up. Or pulls a gun, aims it at you and says gimme your money etc.; obviously a thief is more than the IRS.

    Or the rest of the unethical trash.
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    A simple thief robs us once. The IRS robs us every year......
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    Speaking of the IRS.. in all the places I have been to and people I have met never I have had someone admit that they worked for the IRS. If they knew that they were doing was right thing and the IRS was good for the country they would be proud of their profession.
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  7. The IRS is not even a U.S. corporation. It is a foreign collection agency for the Federal Reserve. There are not even legal according to the founding of the country.
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    They came after me about 6 years ago saying I owed $48k in unpaid taxes from several years prior. It was a fiasco that took 4 years to eventually get them to settle for $1200. I would send them paperwork and they'd claim they didn't receive it and my appeal was denied. Oh, sez I, but here in my hand I have a return receipt with your signature on it that says you DID get it. Oh, well we must have lost it. Send it again. Round and round we went for two years just playing the I sent it No You didn't game. Finally they ran out of lies and excuses. Then another couple of years bickering about how much money they could actually squeeze out of me. Probably cost them 200k just to get that $1200. Cost me $5000 in CPA fees but beat paying those thieves almost 50k!
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