The new portable building cabin.

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    Can't really call it a tiny house as it will be almost 2000 square feet after I add the wings on. But it is a 14x48 lofted portable building with a porch. A lot of folks on my FB page have been pestering me for pics of what I have gotten done now that I have a new camera and can take pics again. I used R15 in the walls and R30 in the floors and ceiling for insulation, then tacked up 3/4 inch foam insulation boards, then skinned the interior with 3/8 plywood. Milled 1x8 red oak boards but the won't be cured to my satisfaction until next fall, but then they are the will get screwed in on top of the plywood. Keep in mind I am living in it and working on it at the same time so things are a little more than messy :) All total for central building and finishing it the cost will be around $15,000 Building was 9k for the shell and around 6k in electrical, plumbing, insulation, ply wood and Hot water heater. Each side wing will run about $4,000 each with concrete floors. So call it a total of $23,000-$24,000 when it is all completely done. Just like the mobile home I am getting rid of the cabin has secondary generator, solar, wind 120 pure sinewave inverter (12) 320AH battery bank system and a 12volt LED light system. Or will have once I spend a week running all the wires. I won't do a grid tie solar wind system. Have been known to jump my truck to the battery bank in a pinch to keep the batteries charged don't suggest that unless you mod your truck to produce enough power though :) Anyway I have a air compressor for a room mate :)

    DSC00030.JPG DSC00031.JPG DSC00032.JPG DSC00033.JPG DSC00034.JPG DSC00035.JPG DSC00036.JPG DSC00037.JPG DSC00038.JPG DSC00039.JPG DSC00040.JPG
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    Lol that's bigger than my house mine was 960 square feet and added another 960
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    Looks like the pups are happy.
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    Looks good so far! Reminds me a lot of when we first got this place. 28 x 30, stripped it out to the studs, rewired, replumbed, and insulated as we could. R15 walls, R30 attic, not much to do about the existing slab so we raised the floor 3 1/2 inches (2x4 subfloor support) to give an air space.
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    Only 704 square feet as it is now with just the central shell. After the post oak is dried and shrunk down in the barn over the next year. I am going to pour 14x44 slabs on either side and do post frame add ons that will add another 1232 square feet for a total of 1936 total square feet.

    The central shell is on a bed of 3" limestone (Same rock I use on my farm roads) and 2 blocks high atm (16") that sit on 3' deep concrete footers. Thinking about jacking it up another block high for 24" ground clearance just to make it a bit easier for me to get around underneath it. Also to give the future lean to add ons a bit more pitch to the roofs and still be 7' on the eaves. Did gravel and blocks for property taxes on the central part as my County considers it to be portable and not taxable on blocks and gravel. If I had set it on a slab that would be considered a foundation and perm structure and raised the property taxes $680 per year. LOL the wings on the other hand on a pad are considered separate structures and being post frame are considered barns and will raise the property taxes $85 per year. So when it is all said and done the property taxes now $380 per year will end up being $265 per year. $180 for the 40 acres of ag exempt, minus the Old mobile home removed that burns me $200 per year for a junk $500 mobile home. And add $85 for the wings. I have a real tax fetish after the previous farm location went from $960 per year to $7270 over 4 years. Couldn't sell that place fast enough!
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    Well said, only things certain are death and taxes. In this world, the taxes are what gets you. Go up every year and the police, school, town, all are convinced that I am their fat milk cow. Built the place in the 1980's, make less than $20,000 a year, and they have a God given right to my help in paying them $60,000 a year and up for salary, retirement, new police cars, new buildings, etc and they will take your place in a minute to get "their" taxes. Like your building and looks like you are on the right track.
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    I have no problem paying a fair tax and having the services those taxes pay for. It is when my County road that should be gravel has turned into a mud road over the last 8 years and the County says rock just ain't in the budget but they vote themselves and the county employees a 30% wage increase. If I call the fire department and they respond it will cost me $2,000 minimum. Police in the two times I have had to call them 45 minutes to arrive the first time, 1 hour 39 minutes the second time. Don't bother calling a ambulance you will bleed out in the 2-3 hours it takes for one to arrive. Kids graduate from school here with a 4th grade reading level and 3rd grade math level on average. The road department take the philosophy of snow and ice removal of God Put it there, God will take it away. So yeah I avoid paying as many property taxes as possible. Of course on the flip side there is no zoning, no codes and for the most part everyone has learned to leave me alone :)
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    I always wince when I see a powered electrical panel without the cover on. I had a boss in the electrical trade that would fire a worker in an instant that walked away from just such an electrical panel to say, go to lunch, on break out of sight of the open panel, to leave and get parts, or at end of day. It is a man killer looking for a victim, whether it be on 2 legs or 4. Of course the correct answer is, I am aware of that, and I only had it open for the picture, plus lighten up, I was standing right there, I was the one taking the picture. I am sure that is the case. However my mantra is if you are not working in a live panel, button it up, put the panel cover on. jus my 2 cents, I am done. BTW damn good looking project abode.
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    Looks to be turning out well!!!
    I have something similar that I'm working on a 10x20 about 90% finished on the inside, Just have to do the ceiling!
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