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    So, anyway.

    For those of you who don’t know, I live in a rather small town (big city by our standards) in <st1:country-region w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">Israel</st1:place></st1:country-region>. I’m on the very edge of the city, and so I could (if I had to) walk to the next town. There’s no hospital in the city, btw.

    Now, here’s my thing.

    There’s a bromine/other chemical stuff facility in the city. It’s really huge and it’s used to store said chemicals before they get exported out of <st1:country-region w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">Israel</st1:place></st1:country-region>. There had already been two attempts to blow it up, and you know, after that I’ve started thinking:

    If Really Bad Stuff Happens (say they really blow it up, or maybe there are really huge riots [there’s been small riots here before], or maybe the people in <st1:City w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">Gaza</st1:place></st1:City> get their hands on a real Katyusha]) is it a good idea to actually try and leg it to the next town? (seven klicks or so)
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    Unless you have a Haz-Mat suit, or at least a gas mask with extra cartridges bugging out might be your best bet. I assume you don't have a car, if that is the case then you could always buy a bicycle to distance yourself from the toxins. I would think that if something of this magnitude took place then public transportation would be out of the question. A bike would be a lot quicker than legging it out.
  3. MicroBalrog

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    I have a government-issued gas mask.

    Legally, my family was supposed to hand ours in after Saddam Hussein was dealt with by your guys (let me not miss the opportunity to say: THANK YOU AMERICA).

    But we somehow... forgot to hand them in.

    No, really, officer!

    P.S. I still live with my parents. They can't bike (Dad is 60). Legging is likely the only option, with me carrying the stuff.
  4. jim

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    There are bike trailers that would allow the infirm to ride out. Plus, there has to be loads of donkeys there. "Borrow" one. How about one of those trike motorcycles? Can they be had?

    Take some martial arts and learn how to use improvised weapons. Archery will also work if that's allowed there. I know firearms might be a problem for you, but get something that allows you to reach out a bit rather than be forced to get close to defend yourself and family.

    Give us specific questions and I know the folks here will be more than willing to help.

  5. ghrit

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    Check out the prevailing winds, let that make up your mind. If legging (or any other escape means) head off at 90 degrees from the wind. Your hope is that the concentration of gas is low enough that the masks (must be chemical neutralizing or absorbing) still work. Secondly, if either bromine or chlorine get wet (think sweat) they convert to acids that will eat your skin. Very irritating, and will need neutralizing. The skin irritation is just like any other burn, and is treated similarly.

    If donkey powered, think also of the donkey's lungs. He's just as finished as you are if those gasses get in him.
  6. MicroBalrog

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    Why, on Earth, do people have this conception of Israel as a place where people all ride monkeys and camels? Israel is car country.

    Which gives me an idea: What if I simply take up driving lessons?

    I'll do that. This seems like a very good idea and I've been postponing doing so for a while arlerady. [shiftyeyes]

    I was contemplating buying one of the really big full-size bowies or maybe even something like an ax, more for keeping potential attackers/home invaders away from me then for closing in and fighting them, where I will almost certainly get injured and likely lose. :D

    P.S. The Army here often sells off horribly-beat-up jeeps at scrap value or below. If I do in fact get the driving lessons, is it a good idea to buy one of these? Does this happen in America too?
  7. Seawolf1090

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    With aged or ailing parents, a motor vehicle is a must. Seven kilometers - about a mile or so? But, I think of trying to hoof it with my parents. Dad could make it, slowly (fairly spry at 73), but Mom wouldn't make it with her emphesema and bad back.
    The jeep could work, but you'd need to be good mechanically, and make sure it's in decent running condition.
    As said, look at prevailing winds - the better course might be to go out into the land, away from the winds (should they blow towards the next town. An over-nighter in the boonies would be better than walking into the gases. For Mom and Dad, a simple inflatable air mattress would be a necessity. Next day when the gases have cleared, then return home or go on to the next town.
    Lots of variables in this situation!
  8. MicroBalrog

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    My mother is actually rather healthy - she works as a mailman (mailwoman), and this involves lugging mail on foot for a few klicks every day.

    I based the plan on the concept that in the event of th bromine storage going boom, or (conversely) riots - the best idea is to go to a place where some form of infrastructure will still be functional.

    And 7 kilometers are precisely 1.6 miles. I know *I* could walk it.
  9. jim

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    I don't think Isreal is any more of a "donkey" country than is Texas where I'm at, and there are loads of them around here. Great for guarding sheep and the like. Stop being so touchy, no one here looks down on you for the country you're from. I thought that for various reasons you might not be able to drive.

    Seven Kilometers is over 4 miles. 7000 meters time 1.1 (conversion to yards) then divide by 1710 yards to get the close estimate answer. Can the weakest in your group make it that far?

  10. ghrit

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    One mile is (more precisely) 1.6 Km. Or, said another way, 1 km is pretty damn close to 0.6 miles. 7 kliks is close enough to 4.3 miles. Easy walk on smooth desert ---. Maybe not so easy over rocks and hills, depending. [stirpot]
  11. snowbyrd

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    cow poopy

    troll I call BS on this

    NO!! Question me , that is cool, In a pm I will answer why, otherwise I will not......still the stinky byrd
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    Donkeys? I wasn't being touchy, just pointing out there aren't many of them here. There's a couple of people that have horses on the edge of the town, but they pretty much are the only four-legged transport I know. Camels are popular way down South of me and still most people use cars.

    yeah, I got the calculations all wrong. No, I don't think it's viable to walk.

    And for walking, why is following the road not a good idea? I would think this would increase the chance of being picked up by rescue personnel or passers-by.
  13. jim

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    You may have a valid point on being rescued, but since I'm not there, I can't comment. Road walking will set you up for assault from other travellers, and ambush from terrorists in the area. A lot would depend on how the people in your area would react. I suspect that they would behave in an orderly manner for the most part, but there are always exceptions.

  14. Dad_Roman

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    Two dimentional thinking perhaps???

    Dad cant trek and no wheels available. Prep with wheels now, Im thinking "rickshaw" type.

    Or get 3 dimentional and go "down".

    Just my .02
  15. Tango3

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    Re: cow poopy

    Archery/improvised weapons? funny I always had the impression every family there had access to a galil, m-16 or UZI ??( whole citizen soldier thing)..[dunno]
  16. Quigley_Sharps

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    Head up wind, up a hill , the Gas will fill the low areas.
  17. MicroBalrog

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    As Hamas is now in charge of Gaza, this seems to become more relevant.

    I think the thing that most people would do is get down to the bomb shelters.

    There's one in my condo - one in every condo in fact - and several public bomb shelters in the area as well.
  18. MicroBalrog

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    Back. I researched the issue further and it seems I needn't have worried - my house stands on an altitude higher above sea level then the bromide storage facilities I referenced earlier (which are pratically on the sea shore itself).
  19. sheen_estevez

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    If you end up having to bike it look at something like this. One of my family members picked up a few trikes for him and his wife, I took it for a ride and found it very easy to ride. His was not set up to carry people I was just checking web sites and found this one.
    Parent child carrier.
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