The only good one is a dead one

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tully Mars, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. Tully Mars

    Tully Mars Metal weldin' monkey

    20170731_175131. Shot this guy a few minutes ago in the front yard by the drive. 54" long,12 and a button. Uncle had been here visiting and had just walked out to the truck to leave. I went back in the house and had just sat down when I heard 3 quick gunshots. Looked out the window and saw the uncle, pistol out and walking fast across the yard. Knew what it had to be so I grabbed the 870 and hit the door. My uncle had got a body shot in with the .40 BHP and I finished him off with the 870. 2nd rattler this year.
  2. chelloveck

    chelloveck Diabolus Causidicus

    That one would make a nice belt; using it as a (defanged) draught excluder might cause a few heart attacks though. :eek:

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  3. HK_User

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    Wear Boots!
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  4. Bishop

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    That's a nice one
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  5. Seacowboys

    Seacowboys Senior Member Founding Member

    We caught one at work last week that's fangs were two inches apart. What a monster he was. I hope he finds a new home in my mother in law's back yard, where I released him.
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  6. Tully Mars

    Tully Mars Metal weldin' monkey

    You DA MAN Sea!!
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  7. chelloveck

    chelloveck Diabolus Causidicus

    Releasing it in the Whitehouse might have been a useful probably wouldn't be noticed among that nest of vipers....
  8. Gaowlpoop

    Gaowlpoop Monkey+

    I disagree about the only good one being a dead one. If it weren't for the snakes would be overcome with rodents. If there's anyway to avoid it I do not kill them, especially the non-poisonous ones.
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  9. Seacowboys

    Seacowboys Senior Member Founding Member

    I rarely kill anything the doesn't threaten me. Rattle snakse try to get out of your way, they usually warn you. I wish I had taken pictures of the one at work, it was a beauty; broadest head I have seen on an eastern diamond-back and a perfect mask. I didn't bother counting the rattles, they were broken off but still a couple inches long. My wife wanted me to shoot it but I carried to an area that I hunt and released it, was sort of kidding about it being mother in law's back yard but I guess it sort of is, just not very close to the house.
  10. chelloveck

    chelloveck Diabolus Causidicus

    They are also prey to other critters that have to eat....otherwise where will owlpoop come from? ;)
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  11. Legion489

    Legion489 Rev. 2:19 Banned

    Had one that lived in my garage. It never bothered me, I never bothered it, there were no mice and the garage only got broken into one and judging from the trail of excrement, the person who broke in was not suffering from constipation.
  12. UncleMorgan

    UncleMorgan I eat vegetables. My friends are not vegetables.

    I knew Ross Allen, back in the day. He was the world-famous snake & gator guy from Silver Springs, the likewise world-famous tourist attraction in Florida.

    He was actually a very learned and scientific kind of guy, but he was very old-school. He knew everything about his critters, and understood nothing at all about ecology.

    He organized so many "rattlesnake roundups" throughout the South that everything with fangs damn near went extinct.

    Off course, he milked rattlesnakes for a living, and they had to come from somewhere, so there was a certain commercial conflict-of-interest involved.

    Back then, they milked rattlers by having them bite thru a rubber membrane. Then they squeezed the head flat to get all the venom out. That was very hard on the snake. After a couple of milkings, they died. It also contaminated the venom with gland tissue. etc.

    So now they just get them to bite, and settle for whatever amount of venom they get. That means they don't go thru snakes like Kleenex, so they don't have to round up another truckload every few weeks.

    That's better for everyone, including the snakes.

    I don't bother snakes unless I have to (Kudos, Seacowboy!) because they have their place and purpose, just like people. I would much rather relocate a poisonous snake than exterminate it, if possible.

    If I do have to kill one, I treat it like any other game animal: I kill it as humanely as possible and waste as little as possible.

    Snakes are sort of like spaghetti: It's okay to take a big bite, but it's considered rather poor manners to slurp.
  13. Motomom34

    Motomom34 Monkey+++

    @Tully Mars has a new hat band. :) I do not care for snakes and that was a big one.
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  14. Tully Mars

    Tully Mars Metal weldin' monkey

    I have no issue with non venomous snakes, they don't pose a threat so they are fine. The others are shot on sight. I have too many critters and grandchildren running around to take a chance.
  15. Seawolf1090

    Seawolf1090 Retired Curmudgeonly IT Monkey Founding Member

    My sister nearly lost a good dog to rattlesnake bite years ago. We have plenty of nonvenomous snakes for rodent control. Rattlers and Cottonmouths get dead.
    Locally, there is an annual Rattlesnake Roundup in Whigham, Georgia. It's basically a huge county fair with snakes. They have competitions for the most snakes captured, and for the largest. Some snakes get milked for venom, some get processed for food for the event, along with gator tail. Many snakes get released back into the woods for next year.
    But numbers have reduced over the years, as have record sizes.
  16. Ura-Ki

    Ura-Ki Grudge Monkey

    Damn, that would be some good eats right there!!! Rattler makes really good bbq, or snake stew!!! Do up some oven bakes asparagus with almond slices, and and some cheddar biscuits and you got a meal fit for a king!
    Nice shootin Tully, and don't forget to save the rattles for your cowboy hat tassles!
  17. Motomom34

    Motomom34 Monkey+++

    About that dinner invitation.... I just looked at the calendar and see I am busy. Will have to take a rain check. :D
  18. Tully Mars

    Tully Mars Metal weldin' monkey

    I've always done mine over an open flame, and maybe the South is rubbing off but I was thinking double dipped and fried. The baked Asparagus and cheddar biscuits sound spot on!
    It would appear that I will be dining alone this evening as these wussies I live with have no interest in trying my table fare.
    Have no fear I'm making chicken alfredo for Sass and the Gkids.
  19. hot diggity

    hot diggity Monkey+++ Site Supporter+++

    Good eatin'! Around here it's like a race to see who can pick up a freshly killed snake in the road. I've been doing a wild u-turn while the guy that hit the snake was busy backing up on a curve ...and some guy going the other way stopped, opened his door, snatched up the snake and was gone. :mad:

    How do you know you won't like it if you don't try it?
  20. chelloveck

    chelloveck Diabolus Causidicus

    When I make my grand tour of the States and Canada...I'll look forward to some 'rattler roulade'. :D

    Rattlesnake Recipe
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