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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by melbo, Jan 14, 2011.

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    :cautious: It's once again time for a refresher for our Senior members and a primer for our new members. was started as a place for the sharing of ideas and information related to survival and preparedness. We felt that a proper mindset was paramount to a better way of life - now and if the S ever HTF.

    We started off as a band of 12 friends who shared a set of common ideas, goals and a general zest for life in the now. As we began to grow, we felt it necessary to create some sort of structure or guidelines for others to follow when they joined us. We wanted others who found us to know what we considered appropriate and decent communication. The Code of Conduct was created and has been tweaked a number of times since 2005. I actually think it's time for a revamp of the CoC but you can locate it here: Site Rules and I'd like everyone to have a look at it.

    The problem with our rules is that they can be skated and bent. It's the occasional posts like the one you are reading now that attempt to define that grey area between proper survivalmonkey etiquette and an actual infraction of the CoC.

    Our original intent was for members here to be kind to others while engaging in idea sharing and brainstorming. We encourage lively debate but discourage name calling, antagonizing and trolling. While we don't prohibit every 'off color' joke, some get too off color even though they don't actually break the CoC. We had always hoped there would be some self regulation by the members and many of you use the 'Report' function located in the bottom of each post. This creates a Notice for moderators so we can look at and discuss the reported post and see if it aligns with our code or is inappropriate. We encourage all of you to use it.

    The world is getting angrier these days. Massive unemployment, layoffs, rising costs of food and gas and a general uncertainty for our future has a lot of people stressed out. Unfortunately, some of that stress gets taken out here in the form of grumpiness or rudeness to others. [wannamesswitme]

    We want survivalmonkey to remain a site that's an enjoyable place to visit for all of us, new and old. We want survivalmonkey to be a beacon on the web, displaying the kind of attitude that shows it's members as the successful survivors: able to solve problems, overcome challenge and adversity and lead the thirsty to water. We want to be the place where members encourage each other and find that silver lining to each others problems.

    Considering where many of us feel the world is headed, the time for ridiculous spats and pettiness is over. We need to come together and support each other in each of our individual endeavors. If we can't do that, I don't think we'll have much of a chance once the real problems begin.

    I'm asking all of you help us out with keeping our site on its intended path. I'm asking all of you to teach this survivalmonkey philosophy to our growing numbers of new members by example. There are a lot of forums out there in our niche. Some are unmoderated and some are moderated with an iron fist. If we simply treat each member with a little kindness, we should settle somewhere right in the middle.

    If you feel that we are being ninnies in wanting a kinder forum, free from unwarranted anger and hateful debate, I suggest you Google 'survival forums' and find a new home.

    We'd appreciate an acknowledgement of this message.
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    Yes Sir.
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    Message received !! I don't post much but I remember back a few years when if you ask a question it may take 3 or 4 days to get an answer ,there were that few people here now we have quit a few with many different view points. I read most and sift out the ones that I think have the best answers and disregard the others.
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    I'm very new here and new to prepping. I started out searching for info on another forum and found that most of the posts there were basically "my opinion is better than your opinion" with a pinch of useless name-calling. It was hard to wade through the vitriol to get to the good posts. I just don't have the time.

    So, thanks for setting the tone.
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    [ditto] [monkeyeating]
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    It's the attitudes here that make this place a cut above the rest of them,
    a place where we can get the good info we need to make a difference in our communities. I just want to say THANKS!
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    It's worth the mention that this forum was initially to be a part of the parent website that was ginned up completely by melbo, and is actually an afterthought. It's now bigger than its parent by far. If you get the chance, go to and snoop thru it. Lots more information and links to basics.

    At first, we started to swap info and learn from each other. As membership grew, more knowledge came out, all very welcome. The forum has had a number of subforums generated as the amount of information grew, and it became difficult to manage wide ranges of "stuff" in a general forum. It's like adding shelves to a library, and resorting the books. About the only forums that have not been subdivided are the Inferno and Tin Foil Hat Lounge. (It isn't too often that a search is necessary in either of those.)

    On this site, there is someone out there that has the answer to your question. As much as we have learned from each other along the way, we keep finding more to know. That's one reason why we sincerely welcome all new members and encourage them to contribute. You may not know that you know something that will be useful, and only by reading someone else's question will it become obvious that you can contribute.

    We originally, and continue, to depend on common sense and civility to regulate the exchange of info and discussions of any and all subjects. The development of the CoC was the result of considerable discussion on line; we felt it necessary to eliminate our individual prejudices from over reacting to our own individual slants. It is as undemanding as we could make it, while preserving a bottom line to decorum. No staff member is comfortable with being a social cop. Nor do we insist on proper grammar and spelling, and none of us has the time for that sort of thing.

    This cage is yours, mine, and ours. A nice place to hang out, a good place to learn AND teach. We don't want anyone to come into the cage and feel as though there is something here that makes them not want to stay.
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    I don't think the above posts got your meaning of, "I'd appreciate an acknowledgement of this message." If I'm not wrong you meant to just go by the rules and not for everyone to post that they will, unless you want a thousand + posts on this thread.
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    :rolleyes:. See, I knew you were upset when I called you "dad". :D. I'm sorry, it wasn't meant that way. It was meant as a sign of respect to your position. I have strived to tone it down considerably. I have recieved no PM's to indicate otherwise. We are trying to set an example now for the younger children at this ophanage. More food please sir? Don't throw us out into the mean streets.[monkeyeating]
    PS: gotcha. Loud and Clear.
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    Message Received.
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    Doesn't really matter to me. I wanted to see the tone of the place come back up a few clicks towards decency. If folks want to agree in this thread, I don't care if it grows to 947 posts.
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    O'tay, I agree.
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    Roger wilco... out
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    no problem here Captain
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