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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by melbo, Jan 14, 2011.

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    Checking in....[coo]
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    Moderate Tone & Troll Free

    Melbo, et al,

    I have appreciated the lack of snarkiness and meanness that is so frequently found elsewhere.

    You have done a superb job of setting a tone that encourages participation and not worrying about asking any "dumb/ignorant questions." That is really important; how else is a newbie to improve upon the level of prepper knowledge that they have?

    We cannot all be experts in every single facet of prepping. I am very grateful for the insights that have been thoughtfully shared with me.

    You and your fellow moderators deserve a pat on the back for a job well done. I've often thought so but have held back a bit on offering such feedback so as to avoid looking like an enormous suck-up.

    Thanks again for all of your efforts! Those efforts are bearing really good fruit!
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    [winkthumb] Message Received
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    10-4. Roger, wilco. Over and out.
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    Got it.
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    Acknowledged, and again, great site!
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    Very good.
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  9. Equilibrium

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    I read the rules. They're fair without being overbearing and.... they're evidently enforced since I've seen a few mean spirited comments directed at other members go *poof* in the short time I've been here.
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    What was the message again ?

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    i understand the message that you are saying ..
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    Thank you for maintaining a strong set of guidelines. This is at least the tenth site I've visited, even joined a few just to be disappointed by the over bearing " experts " who want to force their opinions on everyone with little concern for polite discourse and civility. Please keep up the good work.
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    I WAS once a bad boy ( oh yeah!)...I have learned since that time and stand for what the CoC's are for.
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    I'm on board too!
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    Rulze....we fourreeners dooont need no stiiiiink'in rulze....[stirpot][stirpot]

    Andy [peep]
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    Thank you for saying this. Understood.
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  17. BAT1

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    Cant we all just get along... 10-4
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  19. Bison_Forge

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    Just want to note that SM is BY FAR the most friendly forum I have ever been on. The CoC is very fair, and I believe that the majority of members have good intentions with their posts. Thank you for reinforcing the CoC, as it really keeps SM friendly.
    Acknowledged, or however you spell that.
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  20. Wild Trapper

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    [stirpot] My CoC is to treat others as I would be treated and show people respect as though I were talking face to face with them - [respect] It works in life as it does on public forums. I do not spend a lot of time on this forum, so I didn't notice this thread earlier.

    Thanks Melbo and friends for a job well done.
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