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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by melbo, Jan 14, 2011.

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    great forum here. I really enjoy it and thank everyone that is responsible for making it happen
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    Very reasonable requests...acknowledged :)
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    With our continued growth and influx of new members, it's become necessary to highlight our mission yet again.

    I'm noticing a tone in some new members posting style that runs counter to our grain. Be helpful and kind or find another forum. There are plenty of survival and firearm boards that allow belligerent and 'better than' attitudes.

    We do not.

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  4. I am taking time to read the rules over again.

    Don't see anything unreasonable or asking to much.

    I always try to not upset people I disagree with. I may be right, but no reason to worry them if they want to be right too.

    Besides which, I have found it much easier to catch flys with honey than vinigar.

    JMTC ymmv
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    Keeping an open mind

    I agree with the CoC direction. We need to share ideas and we need to maintain open communication. It is difficult for anyone to keep an open mind while being attacked. If we disagree on a where to fish then don't get in my boat and I won't get in yours. We can still hope that both camps get enough fish for dinner. Sinking each others boat won't help.
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  7. melbo

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    It's much better to make observations than judgments.
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  8. Acknowledged
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  9. melbo

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    And notes like the below are what this place is all about:
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    GREAT SITE. One of the best survival sites on the net. Even handed moderators and the rules are easy to abide by. Thank you for an open forum to discuss these matters. Kingfish
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  12. Read all 8 pages of this post, checked out the site rules, as well as the DCMA thingy. - Looks like this might be a 'fun' site to lurk on......... Can I stay and play awhile?? Huh, huh??

    Oh acknowledged, accepted, and implimented (incorporated?)....... and since you may be going to ask; No, I don't take myself seriously.
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    Well said, I agree completely.
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    If I step over the line in any way, let me know, and I will step back. I like this place.
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    Have always enjoyed the "company" here--even the ugly smelly ones with the snaggly buck teeth stained with tobacco and wearing one strap overalls. It is the banjo playing ones that bother me--lol. Seriously--no, this just too much fun--lol. Really, especially in today's economy/world we need each other's imput, knowledge, and wisdom to make it through what I believe is going to be a rough time. Any that ridicule/condemn those who try to help have no place among us and like the OP said--seek life elsewhere. There is way too much in other "theaters" creating havoc for us--we do not need it here. Do not post a lot here but way into preps/etc. and enjoy the time spent here. Thanks for allowing an old redneck back woods dirt farmer with too many guns on your site. Keep up the good work and God bless---please.
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    My first post here, thought it appropriate, in this thread!

    Understood. 5 by 5 Will Comply.


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    YES SIR!
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    acknowledged. i was searching about alt energy and saw a name that i lost track of years ago.
    tnandy really spent a pile of time with me one day down in ga at a campout.
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