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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by melbo, Jan 14, 2011.

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    Now days the woods are filling up with discontented northerners looking for warmer, friendlier, more gun acceptable sections of the country--like Georgia and other southern states. Getting more of them than us in some areas. That is great as long as they do not want to turn it into a place like they came from--which some do--grrrr.
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    Thought it fitting to bring attention to this thread again. Our tribe is like wayward children who stray over time and need a friendly reminder. Below is the message that every new member receives upon successful registration and manual approval:

    Dear (Username),

    Whether you are an old timer to the preparation way of life, are looking for some help in getting started, or simply curious, we want to extend a formal welcome to the community.

    In July, 2005, we started out as a relatively small group of friends who shared some common interests, among them strategies to help us all prepare to deal with the uncertainties of life as we know it, whether the events come from nature or from our fellow man and we hoped that as time passed, others would stumble upon us and join our community, just as you have done.

    Our digital world is no different than the physical one in which you live, populated by people of diverse beliefs, personalities, experiences, and expectations and the Survivalmonkey forum is our community meeting room where our members can discuss everything from preparations to the good, the bad, and the ugly of their days. At its best, you have arrived at a place where you might form friendships stronger than you would have imagined possible and the worst that can happen is that you might find a nugget of useful information that could, someday, save your life.

    Every community develops its own standard of behavior and we're no different. We have a few simple, common sense rules that are easily followed and we encourage everyone to read through them at our Code of Conduct. Please note that if you're first posts are advertisements or solicitations, we may remove your account without warning. If you'd like to sell something, please Upgrade your account to Vendor status first.

    Another thing to check is our DMCA Compliance Policy, an important issue in the maturing digital age.

    If you have any questions about our CoC or the DMCA Policy, feel free to contact any of the moderators or administrators. We're happy to answer any questions you might have.

    There are a few useful introductory threads that will help you not only navigate the forum but also understand our general philosophy.

    Check out the threads Original Intent of this Forum and Did You Know? Forum Tips and Tricks.

    Our goal has always been to have a place where our members can meet, discuss, debate, learn, laugh and cry. This is what Survivalmonkey means to many of us and we're glad to have you here.

    Remember, you're only the new kid on the block until you share that first conversation so don't be bashful, ask questions or share information because we're all either learning or teaching every day of our lives. Wander around, open the doors and check the closets - you're sure to find something that's of interest to you.

    If you enjoy using our site, please consider becoming a Site Supporter to help with our growing bandwidth and server fees.

    If you'd like to stop receiving emails from us for things like new Replies to threads you've posted in, etc please change the notification preferences in your account:
    Account Preference - Options.

    Have fun, be safe and play nice.

    Survival Monkey
    Survival Monkey Forums
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    "Considering where many of us feel the world is headed, the time for ridiculous spats and pettiness is over. We need to come together and support each other in each of our individual endeavors. If we can't do that, I don't think we'll have much of a chance once the real problems begin."

    Thanks for this part... not too much of that around here, that's why I stick around...
    I don't post much except in the reading room, don't have time for "petty" arguments... simply because the Former USA, is WELL and TRULY F*d and I'm too busy to waste time.
    I pray it don't happen in my lifetime, but I don't run my life based on hope either...

    G'day... ;)
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    Roger that. I am a cranky old vet at times and opinionated. Sometimes I make remarks that may come off as offensive. So I will try to play nice and not be too stupid. I invite others to message me if I need to chill. So here is to a kinder gentler me and you.
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    Got it.
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    Just to clarify something: this thread is from 2011 - we periodically bump it from time to time as a reminder to ourselves and to others.
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    From one old vet to another.... crankiness aside!! [beer]
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    Never thought it could be any other way... [winkthumb]
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    From one cranky old vet to two others, I wonder, how many of us are around, and how much could we do as a UNIT?
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    Probably quite a lot.
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    OY! Another year gone? That sure was fast. Somebody needs to find that darn time faerie and end her shenanigans post haste. She's stealing time faster than I can enjoy it.

    I think crankiness is an exponential function. Hopefully this year brings a few things to divide some of mine out.
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    Understood. Very respectful people here.
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    Snarling left at the gate [seeno][hearno][sayno]
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    taking the opportunity to say thank you for making the site available..
    I joined previously.. then came back unable to remember (case of crs!) handle and password.
    I like what I see...
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    I try to tread lightly when in a new camp. Just pm me if I cross the line. I think I'm getting the tone here. Nice to be here and I got the message.
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    I happen to have a PhD in Creative Spelling thank you...;)
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