The Original Intent of this Forum

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by melbo, Jan 14, 2011.

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    Well said, Graywolf. I totally agree. I love your posts, Graywolf!!
    Thank you Melbo!!
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    Thank you
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    message received, thank you.
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    Grazie. :)
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    Very well written @melbo, once again it shows that the founding members put time and thought into the creation of this site and what it represents. I am so glad that this was bumped yesterday.
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    Roger That 5X5.
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    In view of recent events, it needed to be said or a reminder needed to be posted. I enjoyed a web site that had a family lean towards it. A place I could visit without a concern as to what thread I clicked on.

    It seems that has changed and I hope those it charge will remedy the situation.
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  9. Joy to hear about the ever expanding member base of this forum, I do understand the original intent for this site
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    Bump, time for a review... The general tone of the site seems to be slipping a bit, and while violations of the CoC remain fairly rare, civility is slipping. Seems maybe it's time for a little self evaluation. Please do so, we would like to remain front porch friendly.
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    I find it somewhat sad when looking back to the early days for The Monkey now how much the Tinfoil Hat/ Conspiracy Theorist mentality have permeated here and, to me at least, greatly lessened the value and experience here. That is not to say that there is not a great wealth of knowledge to be had here or that the forum still holds value, there is however much more BS and member to member conflict to be waded through to get to the value now. It is perhaps a sign of grown and expansion but *I* (and yes I know opinions are like ...well you know) miss the Monkey of old and the camaraderie that was much more evident then.
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    I think that only those of us who have been around since the beginning can appreciate your observations. Hope remains for, as the saying goes, "it ain't over till the fat lady sings"
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    Not exactly true, @RightHand. Granted, I've only been a member for just over a year now, but I read constantly. I too have noticed a change in the dialogue between members over the years.

    That said, this is still the best forum going, by far!
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    I, for one am proud to see the "tinfoil hat / conspiracy theorist" mentality, since I am certain I can honestly claim to be the original culprit and patent holder for waking people up at the Survival Monkey since 2005. And, from what I can remember, the demeanor hasn't worsened in this area, only improved steadily with honest, dedicated staff (and I have said this prior to becoming one myself). If we're being candid, it's more along the lines of politics and religion where the problem can be found most readily.

    Unfortunately, wielding the torch to illuminate the darkness is rarely, if ever a task which is appreciated. I have found that most folks will fervently hold on to their illusions rather than risk to accept the unknown, because it's just...human to do so. I admit, I have readily been the proverbial thorn in the side for the collective peasantry, but to continue on the path we are heading living in fear and promoting ignorance simply will not do. Thankfully, I have much more subtle tactics these days, so the sting is less troublesome than in the past.

    The only "theorists" are the corporate media, who spin webs of deceit for the pliable minds of their prey. It's very sad and humbling to admit that much of what you might call "reality" isn't real at all.

    This is the revolution of the mind. This will never end.
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    Intent reviewed and acknowledged.
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    Got it! Thanks
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    melbo SAID

    It's once again time for a refresher for our Senior members and a primer for our new members. was started as a place for the sharing of ideas and information related to survival and preparedness. We felt that a proper mindset was paramount to a better way of life - now and if the S ever HTF.

    We started off as a band of 12 friends who shared a set of common ideas, goals and a general zest for life in the now. As we began to grow, we felt it necessary to create some sort of structure or guidelines for others to follow when they joined us. We wanted others who found us to know what we considered appropriate and decent communication. The Code of Conduct was created and has been tweaked a number of times since 2005. I actually think it's time for a revamp of the CoC but you can locate it here: Site Rules and I'd like everyone to have a look at it.

    The problem with our rules is that they can be skated and bent. It's the occasional posts like the one you are reading now that attempt to define that grey area between proper survivalmonkey etiquette and an actual infraction of the CoC.

    Our original intent was for members here to be kind to others while engaging in idea sharing and brainstorming. We encourage lively debate but discourage name calling, antagonizing and trolling. While we don't prohibit every 'off color' joke, some get too off color even though they don't actually break the CoC. We had always hoped there would be some self regulation by the members and many of you use the 'Report' function located in the bottom of each post. This creates a Notice for moderators so we can look at and discuss the reported post and see if it aligns with our code or is inappropriate. We encourage all of you to use it.

    The world is getting angrier these days. Massive unemployment, layoffs, rising costs of food and gas and a general uncertainty for our future has a lot of people stressed out. Unfortunately, some of that stress gets taken out here in the form of grumpiness or rudeness to others. [wannamesswitme]

    We want survivalmonkey to remain a site that's an enjoyable place to visit for all of us, new and old. We want survivalmonkey to be a beacon on the web, displaying the kind of attitude that shows it's members as the successful survivors: able to solve problems, overcome challenge and adversity and lead the thirsty to water. We want to be the place where members encourage each other and find that silver lining to each others problems.

    Considering where many of us feel the world is headed, the time for ridiculous spats and pettiness is over. We need to come together and support each other in each of our individual endeavors. If we can't do that, I don't think we'll have much of a chance once the real problems begin.

    I'm asking all of you help us out with keeping our site on its intended path. I'm asking all of you to teach this survivalmonkey philosophy to our growing numbers of new members by example. There are a lot of forums out there in our niche. Some are unmoderated and some are moderated with an iron fist. If we simply treat each member with a little kindness, we should settle somewhere right in the middle.

    If you feel that we are being ninnies in wanting a kinder forum, free from unwarranted anger and hateful debate, I suggest you Google 'survival forums' and find a new home.

    We'd appreciate an acknowledgement of this message.
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    Sounds good
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