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    tagging along on the Les Stroud thread; Bear Grylls;Les stroud's death defying,urine drinking "competition" is recovering from a compound fracture of the shoulder experienced in a fall filming a personal adventure in Antartica.
    I hope he's recovering...but IMHO Bear portrayed an eagerness to take chances with gravity (it was a matter of time)..
    get well Bear...
    Breaking: Bear Grylls Seriously Injured In Antarctica

    December 7, 2008

    [​IMG]Bear Grylls, host of Discovery Channel’s Man vs. Wild, has been injured while on an expedition in Antarctica. We heard rumors last year that Bear was planning a South Pole expedition, but not much has been said about him taking part this year…well, obviously he decided to make a go at it and now finds himself injured in one of the most desolate landscapes in the world.
    Don’t ask my why this is “Breaking News”, but I am seeing this story all over the place. Bear has just injured his shoulder, even though it may be a severe injury, but should not be anywhere close to life-threatening. He fell while trekking the frozen continent and is in the midst of being airlifted back to Britain.
    it is also being mentioned that Bear Grylls was also not filming for the Discovery Channel, but on a personal expedition. This also alludes to the South Pole. Anyone else know if Bear was heading to the Pole? I can’t find a confirmation..
    I will update this post when I get more information.

    Daredevil SAS man-turned-explorer Bear Grylls was being airlifted to South Africa last night after being badly injured filming a TV documentary in Antarctica.

    The 34-year-old adventurer broke his shoulder in a life-threatening fall and was said to be in ‘shock and agony’ from a serious fracture which left the bone protruding from his body.

    The accident happened at 11pm British time on Friday, and Bear’s insurance company arranged for his evacuation by air ambulance for urgent medical treatment, at an estimated cost of £60,000.

    Bear was injured during the making of his latest daredevil documentary, a bid to scale an unnamed mountain after travelling across the Antarctic on jet-skis, a wind-powered kite-ski and an electric-powered para-glider. The aim of the expedition was to promote alternative energy and bioethanol as a source of power, as well as raising funds for the children’s charity Global Angels.

    If successful, Bear and his team of four had planned to name the 9,000ft peak. But it is uncertain if the bid will now be possible, though Bear is reportedly determined to return to Antarctica.

    The airlift operation itself was fraught with danger as it meant flying into hostile conditions with temperatures plummeting to -35C and a landscape of 1,000ft ice cliffs with 700 miles of high altitude plateau.

    The Discovery Channel crew filming Bear’s expedition as part of its Man v Wild series – much of which is re-edited and shown on Channel 4’s Born Survivor show – travelled with him to South Africa and will now film his recovery.

    The next series of Born Survivor is due to be screened on Channel 4 in the spring.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
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    Is it alright to laugh, or...?
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    dat be rude,:
    I've come acros this150 foottall waterfall covered in slippery moss and I'm going to show you how to climb down using this "bara-bara" vine
    OOhh bear, don' doo dat
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