The Other Work Boot, Seen Around The World.

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    This Boot is seen and used in most any place in the world you find cattle and/or horses.
    Recognized in the U.S. as used by both Indigenous people of South America, working folks in the South West, Ball Rooms, Boot Scootin' Bars, Dance Halls and High Dollar Board Rooms around the world.

    The boot and its uses is most often misunderstood by those not in the Cattle Bidness. Young kids wear them with shorts and shirtless, young adults wear them as a statement or maybe as a symbol of what they want to become. Working Men and Women wear them as a fashion statement or as a tool of the trade.

    Folks in the AG group understand their use is one of purpose and protection of the feet.
    The boots, if used for cattle and horse use have an enlarged step around the heel of the boot as an aid to keep the position of another tool of the trade in place, a set of spurs. This step has a secondary use for removing the boot with a boot tree.

    For protection from brush and thorn trees the boot has a 12 inch or more barrel top. The
    boot Barrel has an added design of cooling the foot by the cuts in the top edge to help pump foul air out and fresh air in while walking. The fit of the Boot is such that the heel fits loosely to aid the heel of the foot to act as a pumping device in conjunction with the top edge of the Boot.
    upload_2020-5-19_17-34-8. upload_2020-5-19_16-47-15.

    The center of the boot is the retention portion of the Boot and acts as a pivot point, This section is as important as are other designs of the Boot. An incorrect fit is usually the reason a Boot flops or allows the heel to stomp. The fit here, when correct allows the boot to be used in stalking cattle or other animals including Deer. Just a matter of proper fitting and learning to wear the boot without using them as a pair of ladies slides or "stompin Boots.

    The toe box is a personal choice as are all parts of the Boot. The toe box should not compress the front portion of the foot as this holds in heat and reduces the pumping action for fresh dry air. Yes the toe should be free to float inside the toe box to prevent accumulation of moisture as the arch section is the retention portion and another important decision when sizing the Boot. The toe box is most often found with decorative stitching if used in a work boot this allows water to leak into toe box, a big mistake for the owner never knows what the environment or work might bring.
    upload_2020-5-19_17-18-47. upload_2020-5-19_16-47-15.

    Boot soles should be that of a replaceable style, oil resistant and stable in all work situations. Unless "boot scootin'" where the preferred is thin soles made of good leather.

    The heel is raised for a couple of reason.
    1, The need to eliminate the boot from passing through the stirrup hoop and locking the rider in place and unable to shake loose in case of being thrown.

    2, Doing barn work or other muddy condition a raised heel keeps most of the boot out of muck and allows a firm stance while working.

    Bull Dogging Boots are an exception to many the above design considerations as are Dress Cowboy Boots


    Pictures Later
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  2. ghrit

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    Cowboy boots, otherwise known as "corner cockroach crushers" in Wyoming. (Yes, I know this from a couple years in the high desert.)
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    Never could get a pair to fit right and proper, too many years wearin Climbing Boots screwed up my feet, cant even wear regular shoes ether, it's ether more of the same, or deal with sore feet all day! Tried several different pairs at a boot shop well known for their services, just couldn't get a fit or any comfort! Would LOVE to find a pair that I could wear comfortably!
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  4. Tully Mars

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    Been wearing them since I could walk.
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  5. HK_User

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    My dad wore them long before he got drafted in WWll. His muscles had shrunk (hamstring I think) and he had to spend a few extra weeks in Boot to adjust.

    And that's how my brother ended up being Born in the Ft Benning Hosp.
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  6. SB21

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    Been wearing boots since I started working in the early 70s ,, haven't worn sneakers since PT days in the .mil days of the mid 80s ,,,, when I go to the beach ,, I'm the only one out there in shorts and hi top boots ,,,
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  7. Tully Mars

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    I don't take it that far-still have a couple pairs of tennies
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  8. Airtime

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    Years ago back in the 80’s I bought a set of inner soles/orthotics from an outdoor outfitter. It was a pliable plastic with a thin cushion material on the foot side and a semi compressible foam on the bottom. They heated these up in a little oven for 5-10 minutes then set them on a form of sorts and I stood on them causing them to mold perfectly to my feet. They sanded foam off the bottom to correct a little bit of pronation and fit them into a heavy duty Danner hiking boot. Most comfortable things I ever wore and needed almost zero break-in.

    I haven’t seen this system in shoe stores or outfitters since but some podiatrists and custom shoe places still make these kind of orthotic devices. Seems like I saw a heat and form at home option a few years ago, much cheaper than the podiatrists charge. Maybe you could investigate that some.
  9. SB21

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    :ROFLMAO: Those are a little sportier than what I sport around in ,, mine are mainly the plain leather work boot type ,, nuthin fancy here ,,,,,
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    I was forced to switch to HighTop Climbing Boots @ 17 years old when the Orthopod MD told me he couldn't fix my ankles any further and would have to whack my Right leg off just below the knee, if ˆ broke that ankle again... Went REI and found the Italian Rickely Mountain Boots at $250/US a pair, and wore those for 15 years, until the Cobbler couldn't resole them any further.. Took them back to REI and asked for replacements... I was just funn'en the Sales-Droid. but he went and got the Manager. He agreed to replace them... I Thanked them for the offer, and bought new pair @$300US, and left... That pair lasted another 15 years, and when I went back to REI, the Sales-Droid, was now the Manager, and he spotted me coming in... He looked at the old ones and asked if I wanted him to replace them? I told him No, but just wanted to buy a new Pair. He said they went out of business a couple of years before and they didn't have anything like them, because most of the modern stuff was Chinese made, now... I was very disappointed, and left wondering what I was going to do now... Then a Monkey turned me on to Danner Boots, made in the USA... They had an all Leather Upper and solid Leather Lower with Good Vibrum Soles, for $150/US, so I bought two Pairs, and am half way thru the first Pair, now... Still have the Second Pair on the Shelf...
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  11. Tully Mars

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    Danner's are hard to beat. I still have a pair of the Ft Lewis "Go Devils" from the early 90's.
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  12. DKR

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    when I saw the title - this is what first came to mind


    maybe I've spent too much time out overseas?
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  13. hot diggity

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    I had worn a pair for a couple years after I joined the Marine Corps. They were retired to a closet long before I retired. After the last couple surgeries I might be able to wear them again, but I doubt if I could find one pair that would fit. Maybe if I found two pairs in different sizes I could make one pair that fit.
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  14. hot diggity

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    You can't beat a pair of Goodyears!
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  15. 3M-TA3

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    Never could find a pair that would fit my feet, but then I can barely find a pair of regular boot that will (10.5 6E).
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  16. HK_User

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    Have a pair made, guaranteed to fit or no pay.
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  17. ghrit

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    Paddlefoot!! We lost track of you after boot.
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  18. HK_User

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    Not unlike Bowling Ball, the guy whose head was so large his white hats had to be special made, thus wore a XXXXL watch cap untill the last two weeks of boot.
    Made his inspections easier for sure.
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  19. Airtime

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    Saw these at TJMax a few months ago.
    upload_2020-5-19_23-40-12. upload_2020-5-19_23-41-19.
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    Good refrence to the Danners, thanks guys!
    Was looking for shoes yesterday and all I could find locally was ChiCom made trash.
    Getting pretty sick and tired of sending my money to China anyway.
    Willing to pay a little more for USA made - anything - if I can find it.

    A friend sent me a notification / warning on Harbor Freight jack stands. They can disengage the cog and send your vehicle to the ground. Hopefully you aren't under it when that happens. More ChiCom junk.
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