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    I picked up The Patriot on Amazon a few months back and started it. Well like most of the time I want to do something we got slamed at work so it got laid to the side. Last night I had a few minutes of down time so I grabbed it. #hours later I was starting chpt 5. This is a good book and for anyone who hasn't had a chance check it out. It has alot of good practicle info of survival in a group and the set up. It also has cannible looters and Im only on chpt.5 one part I enjoyed reading and I wont give anything away was about two brothers I think their names were Keyans who were soverine citizen firearms dealers.

    From what I have read so far it was worth the few dollars I spent to order it from amazon.
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  2. northga

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    I have it too, but havent started it. I just read one second after which was excellent!!!!
  3. bfayer

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    Overall it's a very good book. However Here is my problem with the whole thing.

    The main characters claim to support the Constitution and expect everyone to follow it except for themselves.

    They use the excuse that taking away other peoples access to public right of way, and the right to due process is in the name of security, but when other people do it to them, its not ok.

    Either you believe in the nautral rights of mankind or you don't. If its not ok for the government to stop search and detain in the name of security, its not ok for a group of guys with guns to do it either. No mater what their reason.

    Walking past my house is not a crime today and its not going to be a crime in a PAW.

    YMMV, but that is the way I see it.
  4. Harbin

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    I enjoyed to book but felt the same way about a few of the situations they encountered. Seemed to me like a double standard was being held at different times. The only other part that irked me was the religious aspect (not intending to offend anyone or get off subject) but it seemed like they had a "better than you" attitude at times because of it- maybe it was just me.

    Definitely a bigger fan of Lights Out and One Second After.
  5. TailorMadeHell

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    Just remember that if an author puts it in a book, it is in fact his/her thoughts and beliefs shaded by a touch of the literary so that it sells. People may think that they are being smart by putting down such thoughts in a way that people can't say he's a zealot or racist or such, though your patterns come through loud and clear for all who pay attention.
  6. Alpha Dog

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    bfayer I agree about the natural right but If this was to ever happen I think we would see alot of these type of actions. I also think that out of fear people will extend the god given right to the ones in the group but as for the ones considered outsiders or possible threats wont be given these rights by the groups the come in contact with. I honestly cant say I would be the same way as they are, because My priority is with my loved ones and the security and protecton of my group. As for the two that had the child body parts I think I would have reacted the same way. In a time like this alot of people are going to try and use the right to move freely as a cover to kill, rape and rob and to me antohers rights does not come before self-preservation and the safety of my family or my group. Not saying it's right but to me it would be survival.
  7. bfayer

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    Like I said, it was a good book. And like you said I don't know for sure how I would handle every situation. I do know my plans do not include taking away the rights of others just because I can.

    The book made a big deal about making sure they did the right things with the stuff they took from others, but kind of overlooks the fact that they took it in the first place.

    People walk by us everyday and people will continue to walk passed us in a PAW, unless they do something to harm me or mine, I am not going to hunt them down, tie them up, search them and then decide if they should live or die. It is easy for the writer to justify the killing based on what they found, my problem is how they found it.

    The difference between what they did in the book and what a street thug does in the hood is not much. They both use their security and survival as an excuse for their actions. Just like Stalin and Mao.

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