The Perfect Storm

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Minuteman, Aug 18, 2007.

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    I first went overseas in the 70's, then again in the 90's when I started living and working in the Middle East. Coming back to the US was like the frog in the pot. Each time I returned the water was becoming warmer. I started seeing things in a different light. Then I started to become aware that things weren't always what they appeared to be, what the media and our leaders told us they were.

    I had some first hand experience that showed me that our press and our government were not telling us the truth. So I started to watch the events around me with a more critical eye.

    And by doing so I began to see storm clouds on the horizon. All the while we were being told that the forcast was for sunny skies.

    I have followed several patterns through the years. But I have never before seen so many threats, so many storms building at the same time.
    The convergence of so many different threats, so many potential storms hitting at the same time, is setting the stage for a "Perfect Storm" scenario.

    I have been following Peak Oil for some years now. And warning people to prepare for drastic and permanent changes in the way we live. I have warned about the ever growing militarization of our police forces, the encroaching federal control of state and county resources. The growing despotism of our leaders. The stage being set for dictatorial authority to bypass the Constitutional checks and balances system intended to hold our government in check. And now the economy of our nation and the world teeters on the brink of a precipice that could have dire ramifications for every person in this country. And Russias' saber rattling and resource grabbing moves.

    Never before have I witnessed so many potential TEOTWAKI events gathered together at one time. An economic collapse, energy becoming scarce and unaffordable, a possible pre-emptive strike by Russia, martial law and the death of our Republic. The storm clouds are building, and it is just over the horizon.

    Will the storm dissipate before it reaches us? Pray so. Will it not be as severe as many imagine? Pray so. Will it affect each and everyone of us? Yes. Will it be a life altering event? very possible. Is it something to keep a close eye on? You bet. Are there things we should be doing to prepare for a worst case scenario? Oh yeah. Being here is a good start.

    Should we just ignore it as conspiracy theory BS? Too your own detriment. If you like being in the dark and stumbling blindly through life then go ahead. To each their own.
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    I do not think this is conspiracy theory stuff. I do think that sometimes different lines of events converge when all are going bad at the same time (this has happened several times in history-WWI comes to mind if you have read about how everything aligned just "perfectly" for TSHTF). Countries on an individual basis have things go wrong, and it periodically happens on a global basis. I think that a global crisis will happen in the next few years - I just hope it is a few years away, and not more eminent.
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