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    I would like to recommend to my fellow monkeys, a visit to the Permaculture Research Institute website Permaculture News, Information, Forums, Courses and Worldwide Reports for practical information and ideas on a wide range of permaculture subjects.

    Earthworks & Earth Resources - The Permaculture Research Institute

    Animals - The Permaculture Research Institute

    How to - The Permaculture Research Institute


    Via: 5 Fun and Fruitful Techniques for Small-Scale Earthworks - The Permaculture Research Institute
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    I love that site! This is a truly incredible way to raise food. I posted a video from this group last year called "What If?"
    I think it is nothing short of criminal that there are people starving in the US when Billions of trees grow wild along our roads. The Gov. should invest a little money into teaching a man to fish, Instead of Giving Them My Fish!
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    Never heard of it before (which isn't unusual but...) Thanks for pointing it out!
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    Fair go....the Govt does allow you to keep the head, tail, fins, scale and at least some of the guts. :(
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