"The phantom sh!tter"

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    After posting a thread in another section I had a jog down memory lane and was reminded of an outright knee slapping story that I already shared with Tackelberry a few weeks ago and wanted to share it with you.

    During my basic training we had a mystery individual who would leave hot steaming loads on the barracks floor sometime during the night in different area's. They would be found occasionally in the morning at wake up!

    We had no idea who was doing this or how he got away with this as their were always two fireguard's on duty every night. Their were several attempts made on the behalf of the drills to identify the culprit and several trips to the saw dust pit (P.T. field beside starship barracks at Ft. Benning) to get smoked. This mystery pooper didn't turn himself in (very good for his health as we were starting to get really buff on account of him) and at the point of almost being charged with borderline abuse on the rest of us, the drills gave up on it. The drills coined the term "The phantom sh!tter" and vowed if he was ever caught delivering one of his loads the punishment would be extremely severe.

    It really sucked for the squad that was assigned to barracks main floor that week for cleaning responsibilities. If he left one, they had to take care of the clean up!

    I don't know still to this day if this was just a clever prankster or someone with a serious sleeping disorder that walks and then drops bombs! Is their such a disorder? Who knows!

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    Not uncommon, my boss in weapons maintenance spent a couple of years at a" detachment in turkey" A place were we had a few "special weapons" ( one "nato" air plane two bombs kinda' place)and we control joint access very rigidly, every american on the entire "base" lived in one small building.. his "phantom sh!tter" liked to hit the urinals and the water fountain in the hallway...To hear him tell of getting up outta' his rack at 3a.m. to go get a drink only to be confronted with a steaming log
    would put us on the floor howling with laughter...:lol::lol::lol:[shtf]
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    Maybe he got caught in the Army and switched services. Maybe he got your Boss!
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    crazy bastid!!!!
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    Practical jokes have cyclic way of building up an dieing out...during one cycle at the aluminum extrusion plant in town Someone took a fudge nut brownie, rolled it and puta pinched taper on the ends and carefully laid it on a few squares of toilet paper in the open drawer of the top maintenance guy's tool box "you guys! jeez now some body took a sh!t in my toolbox!"[ROFL]
    Don't know whats so funny about that statement but the beaten bewildered look on his face put us to the floor again and again just howling. (It must push against some vestigial juvenile male funny bone).[gone]
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