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    Something like this. Destroy the economy using covid fear and make all small businesses go out of business. Corporations buy up real estate. People beg for help and big Gov/communist/corp. offers free shit if you take the injection and give up all your worldly goods. You are shunned and denied travel if you don't submit. Later you will be deemed a trouble maker and dealt with or You end up an unarmed slave who owns nothing and is given just enough digital money credits(company store stuff) to barely get by. I would add that you have to give up your earth-destroying vehicle and your home and there's no more property rights. I think this is something from agenda 21 and the reset kind of thinking. Am I that far off or crazy thinking this is possible or happening now?
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    This is nothing new, just study the 41st chapter in the book of Genesis.
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    All you really have to fear is fear its self.
    No big deal you will live or die.
    Everyone dies sooner or later.
    Here hold my beer!
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    I think I'm beginning to see what it was all about: Find a way to line up the masses for a shot that admittedly alters your RNA. Hmmm.
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    Local paper came out yesterday, left wing rag that is totally into climate change, etc. Listed the houses sold in the town I live in for the last month. No house was less than $250 thousand and a couple were in $500 thousand range. At 5 % interest a cheap house will cost you a thousand a month for interest and insurance and $500 a month for taxes. Figure a little for heat, lights, repairs, and you have to have 2 thousand a month for a roof over your head. If you work for government, are a teacher or a policeman you may be able to afford a house, but a working man is out of luck. Some years, God willing, they will do OK, but the next little glitch in the economy or recession and they lose it all. I bought my place in 1980 for $10 thousand, worked in a factory and with overtime, normal week was 60 hours, brought about $180 a week home. Thus not counting wife's wages, 1 years pay would cover the house. The company covered 100 % of the medical, had a retirement plan, etc. Bought the lot, put the well and septic in ourselves, put a trailer on it while we built our house, and never had a mortgage. No one had a lot of money but we all lived good. About 20 % of the people working with me had a second place as well as their house, snowmobile cabin or on a lake or pond or parents old house etc.

    At least in this area, southern NH next to the Mass border, that is all gone. Either rent or play the buying the house game, house prices have just about doubled since 2000 and in last bad downturn, 25 % of the houses in town were empty, bank owned them or people who still owned them had to move to where there were jobs.

    Big push here is for climate change, green power, low impact on the world, etc. no real thought on how we are supposed to make a living while doing this and as any true believer in the religion of Gia, that is not a problem. Reached the point that in Calif it may be illegal to smoke tobacco in your house if you have children, but OK to smoke dope and soon will be OK to rip off stores to pay for the dope.
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    Does anyone remember the first videos coming out of China were people were collapsing on the streets? Looking back now, those were clearly fake. So my question is why?

    Destroy our economy?
    Give the communists a chance to cheat in the election with absentee ballots?
    Collapse our Currency?
    Kick off a global famine and kill millions of people?
    Create another divisive issue to tear friendships and families apart?

    Also, as a side effect the patriots are beyond irritated about the lock downs, violations of civil rights and the election issues. It is likely when Biden attacks the constitution they will rise up right when there happens to be a patriot hating communist in charge of the armed services who is already on the Chinese payroll.

    I guess I have a hard time giving any man this much credit for planning and it makes me wonder if there are darker forces at work.
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    Same here, but not so many places being sold as just empty.
    Bought the land, built fences by myself, dropped a well, power and phone lines.
    Lived in a US Army CP tent, took showers from a black plastic 55 gallon drum while standing naked on home built slatted floor board. Did my business in the mornings in a plastic tent/out house.

    Killed an avg of 2 large rattle snakes a week for the first 6 months.

    Adopted 3 kids, paid my bills and never worried.

    Being aware of the conditions around you is paramount.

    Covid is just another event to be aware of, getting all pissed at those who prep for it is a sign of panic.

    Panic kills.
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    Manchester Guardian, perchance? When I worked in eastern taxachusetts, one of my cube mates lived in Londonderry and brought that rag in for sandwich time reading. Now and then, I'd snatch it off his desk and gag at the editorials.
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    Read the Comments Folks !! Then UNDERSTAND !!

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    I bet a lot of places look like this. I've watched this guy's videos. I get tired of hearing about buying Gold.
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    With the way people are leaving California, some group or groups of people in the not too distant future are going to buy up productive land and prime real estate cheap (even after all the used needles and human waste are cleaned up). Maybe that's what is planned after some "Big Reset". Can you imagine ChiCom backed corporations buying up the best parts of Kali-forn-ya? Hmph....
  14. I think China has been having economic issues for several years. Last year Donald Trump was negotiating hard on trade. Putting out fake videos and making sure everyone knew that Wuhan had a bioweapon lab gave the Chinese bought politicians an excuse to destroy the world economy and remake the world in China's image. They probably succeeded far beyond what they imagined. Many parts of the world are less free than China in many respects.

    I don't think that China and its globalist allies realized how easy it would be to turn much of the world into mindless sheep.
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    This WAS conspiracy theory but now its fact. Can you call it conspiracy theory if its on the news every night? People still do even though its everywhere. You are not the only one noticing.

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