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    Lots of interesting discoveries tonight( and I thought the "libertarians" were the only answer):
    A Populist America

    In a Populist America, you will be free. Free to do whatever you want with your self and your property, as long as by doing so you don't infringe on another person's freedom to do the same.
    In a Populist America, the federal government will obey all ten articles of the Bill of Rights. Not just the ones that the politicians like.
    Your person and property will be safe from arbitrary searches and seizures.
    Your privacy will be complete so that you're not exposed to politicians and bureaucrats who think that the greater good of the country gives them the right to spy on your bank account, read your letters or emails, or monitor your life in any way.
    You will never be prosecuted for what you think, for what you own, for what you eat, for what you smoke, for what you drink, or for what you put in your body in any way. People will only be prosecuted for the harm they do to others.
    You will never be thrown in jail and denied the bill of rights for any reason.
    In a Populist America, any federal employee who violates the bill of rights will be subject to censure, dismissal or even prosecution.
    In a Populist America, the government will mind its own business. It will make no enemies abroad, and it will rely on a strong defense for peace; rather than trying to rule the world with a strong offense.
    The government will not tell other countries what to do. It will not financially support or arm dictators, as such support only helps them suppress people in their own country.
    You won't have to fear that your children will have to fight and die in some other country's war, or that terrorists will target your city.
    In a Populist America, federal regulation will no longer run up the price of everything you buy, keep your wages low, or prevent you from having access to life-saving medicines.
    In a Populist America, social issues will be decided by you, your family and your neighbors - in your community only. You'll always have the ability to vote with your feet, and move to areas not affected by laws you don't agree with.
    We cannot have freedom, peace, and prosperity when the Federal government is telling every American school what to do; when the Federal government is forcing mandates and laws down the throats of state and local governments; and when the Federal government directlytaxes every American only to use that money for the expansion of power.
    In a Populist America, you will keep every dollar you earn. You'll be able to spend it, save it, or give it away as you think best; not as the politicians decide. A government limited by the 9th and 10th Amendments will be small enough to get by on today's tariffs and excise taxes.
    IX. The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.
    X. The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.
    In a Populist America, you will be free to say NO! You'll be able to say no to the politicians who claim that they know better than you how to run your life.
    In a Populist America, your government will be local, and therefore, it will be much more responsive than anything we've ever experienced in this country.
    If all government were local, a locality would not be able to enforce excessive restrictions. People would have the ability to move to another area that gave them what they wanted, or the threat of people moving would prevent the politicians from enacting such measures in the first place.
    As power is increasingly handed over to people at the local level, the negative effects of an overbearing federal government progressively reduce as well. When laws are made close to home, we not only understand their costs and benefits more thoroughly, we can also work to affect them more easily.
    We come to you not as an advocate of government solutions to problems, but as an advocate of getting rid of government programs in order to solve problems.
    Following this line of thought, there are three basic principles in the development of a Populist America:
    1. Government power is far too great and must be reduced dramatically. Power must be shifted to the People on a local level.
    2. It is morally wrong to try to solve social problems by force. Forcing people to your way of thinking will never solve problems in the long run.
    3. Most of today's social problems were created or worsened by government involvement in the first place. Solving those problems, then, can be done by reducing government power, not by giving it more.
    Put simply, we want you to be free. Free to live your life as you think best, not as any politician thinks is best for you.
    Through decentralized, local government, this can be a reality[touchdown][touchdown]
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    Sounds good. I too thought that Libertarians were the only ones who understood it.
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