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Discussion in 'Back to Basics' started by dragonfly, Oct 13, 2008.

  1. dragonfly

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    Here, (in Phoenix), recently I saw and witnessed first hand something that has me dismayed and worse, worried.
    A "group" of say, at least 12 persons, have begun to "pucker-up" due to the current news of the economy.
    What exactly am I referring to?
    Well, there was a group of some substance, and participation, that has all but fallen apart due to bad news.
    Activity level now; 0, Before: 90%
    I cannot accept that.
    I always was of the mind set, that a "survival group" was a bunch of individuals, like minded, with a goal to stay alive and to continue on, regardless of the scenarios they faced.
    Now, I am worried about my idealogy.
    Maybe I was WRONG?
    I hope not!
    But, when a group of people suddenly stop communicating and no longer even attempt to stay in contact with the rest of the people they 'supposedly' have come to count on....I worry!
    I understand that the economy is bad.
    I am on disability, and receive a mere pittance of my former earnings.
    I have to scrimp om everything and gas prices has hurt my feelings, a LOT!
    But, be that as it may be, this is what WE were suposed to be prepping for, is it not?
    Aren't we supposed to support and help each other in the times of need?
    Where's the LOVE?
    The coffe meetings and discussions have stopped, dead cold.
    The internet chatter has all but ceased....
    Phone calls have terminated, even when you leave messages to return the call, PLEASE!???
    Maybe I need to change my aftershave?
    Ok, I'll go as far as to even accept that MAYBE, the group has decided to 'DUMP' me.
    No problem....but, it would be nice to know!
    Especially, since I have the OTHER 6 persons of the group here with me!
    "OUR" work continues on, and we manage ok without the others, BUT, they might find that the 6 of us do a lot of the work and planning, and WE have 70% of the supplies and equipment!
    We just spent several hundreds of dollars on a travel trailer, and additional equipment and supplies, to move to a site 'they' have.
    We have solar, wind power, and batteries, up the wazoo at thus point, and now it seems NO one wants to discuss the moving of those items to the site/retreat.
    Maybe it's just the weather?
    Either way it is quite disconcerting at best!
    Now, I have to determine what I should say to the rest, as they don't know what is going on ....yet.
    They will want to know what is happening to all of their work and money, and I have to answer those questions!
    It's getting INTERESTING out there!
  2. tommy20/69

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    might be a little early to move things .unless your moving across country. it doesn't seem the country has fallin apart yet to the point to you need to retreat to your locations and start to live off your supplies yet . you might be jumping the gun a bit right now.
  3. RouteClearance

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    It sounds like you may have been a victum of a scam, as for what to say to the others, tell them the truth and do not lie or even try to decieve them or beat around the bush with them unless you want to alienate yourself from everyone.

    You stated that it is now just the six of you, get them together and go from there. Have your own little brainstorming sessions to try to find alternative answers and solutions to your current dilema. Part of the science of Survival is being able to "Adapt", "Improvise" and to "Overcome".

    Now is the time to find out who you can trust and count on, not after the SHTF. Good luck.
  4. tommy20/69

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    where is all the stuff? do you and the rest of the remaining people have it?if so don't worrie about the ones who left it's their loss. or is it the type of outfit where everone stores up their own part of the stuff and brings it in their self and did they haul butt with their stuff? if so then if you ever see them after the shtf and they are in need turn the other way and keep walking and something else to think about is. now you have what 6 other people out there that are gonna talk to other people and tell them that hey we know where some food and power is if you come help us take it from them ??? now you have that to think about . so i wouls maybe start lookin at a new location or bring in a few more people you might need them for extra security now that your gonna have people that already know where and what you have and what your whole plan is .
  5. kansasrebel

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    Now's a good time to find out who you can COUNT on, not later when it all falls apart. Keep on with your small group of friends. Let the others go on about their merry way. What goes around comes around. Have the last laugh on them!
  6. Tracy

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    Without complete and open communications, it would be a cold day in ... ummm... September before I would transport my stuff to their site, as once it's on their property, it is no longer mine to claim.

    I agree with the honest approach. Call them on their lack of communication skills.

    IMHO: I have an inability to play with others who change the rules in the middle of the game. Dependability matters.
  7. dragonfly

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    Luckily, all of OUR gear and supplies are in a climate controlled storage area, with 24/7 recorded cameras on the door!
    I tried sending the others a group message, but so far NO replies....
    So, with that in mind I'll just go with the 6 people I know and trust!
    Asd for the land thing, we had planned to purchase our own BUT, you know how real estate is....they now want $44,000.00, for 2 mangy acres of desert scrub!
    In the middle of nowhere....I'll keep looking!
  8. tommy20/69

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    ok so lets get on the clear side here who's land is it that ya'll are going too? you said ya'll was gonna purchase ya'll own but it was to high . are you gonna free load and just hide out. you got me confused. if it was me and 6 people just up and left i wouldn't care less it would be their loss not mine. but now your saying things like you can't buy ya'll own property so who's property are you gonna go to.? they helped stock up a mini storage and then left who cares about them did one of them own the property?
  9. dragonfly

    dragonfly Monkey+++

    Yes one of them owns the acreage...
    He however, is not really convinced that the "others" are all in all, on the 'up and up', and has mentioned politics as being a problem with some of the others. (???)
    Seems to be a sudden change in what the idealogy is/was to be.
    I was to be the Point Man and secure the area, in exchange for ownership of some 10% percent of the land. I am to provide security for the supplies and such, to be transferred to the area.
    There is no security at this time, and as such, there have been vandalism and theft already from the area. We already have been to the site a number of times and determined where to set-up my personal area, where I can observe all the roads and neighboring lands.
    It is a remote area, and has a lot of advantages, but it also has it's disadvantages as well.
    Desert does that!
    At first, I was "adopted' into the 'fold' due to my ex-law enforcement and military backgrounds.
    Then it continued on, due to my secondary skills, and personal equipment I was bringing in to the group. ( machine shop and such)
    Few I have seen, have any equipment at all, outside a lot of firearms.
    The land owner has already begun to move large items* to the site, but there is a question of who will do what, and when.
    I was to have a relief person/s every 2-3 weeks so I could go into town, and get supplies and such...
    That seems to have fallen through as well.
    I was to set up a basic perimeter for the site, which is by all accounts, a decent size of acreage.
    I was to install a water system and a septic system.
    That too fell through.
    Apparently no one else wanted to "ante" up their fair share of the cost of putting in a septic system.
    My part was estimated to be $850.00 to $900.00 for my group.
    I agreed and was willing to pay immediately.
    No one else shared my enthusiasm however.
    *(cargo container, 28 ft travel trailer, storage shed.)
    It now appears that there is a lot less cooperation and cohesion than i had figured on.
    As I said, luckily, we have all of our 'own' items stored away and safe from any theft or vandalism at this time.
    I have already built 1 trailer for equipment and heavy items like water/machinist tools, and purchased another trailer that sleeps up to 6 people easily.,
    The worry was/is, that once up there, I have to continue to bring in my own personal foods and supplies and it would be nice to have someone for a relief so I can go several miles to town and purchase them!
    I'm am still awaiting word from the "main man", on what the heck is going on now.....
  10. dragonfly

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    I was also to put into place a communications system and tower, which I personally paid for.
  11. tommy20/69

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    i have a feeling that after you set up all this stuff you might be booted out. being they are al just sitting back and letting you do the work.. the way i see it is just keep going at it and if it all does go down hill and you have to live out there due to civle unrest and no law. just take the place over i mean who is gonna stop you there won't be any cops anyway right?? get some guys you can trust and stick with them the best palce to look is the ones getting back from iraq that really ain't got nuthin to do get out there and start talkin get you a good crew of ex military goin and have at it it might not be your property but if your gonna be stuck doing all the work of fixin it up well you might as well run it right??it seems like they want you to do this and that and when it's time for them to need it they will come runnin am i reading it right?
  12. ghrit

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    If you don't yet have title to the land they promised, stop everything. You are being set up. Anything you have paid for and put in place needs removed just about as soon as you can do it. The deal is sunk by politics and dissention.
  13. RouteClearance

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    Again, I will have to concur with Ghrit on this, you are being taken advantage of, get out of this situation ASAP.

    Remove what is yours and fall back on those that you can trust. Don't try to reastablish any type of relationship with the main group, they have let thier true colors shine.

    Again, fall back on those you can trust and start from there.
  14. dragonfly

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    Thanks all!
    That was exactly what I was afraid of and what was in the back of my mind.
    Explains a few things I didn't mention either...
    Like: The 4 solar panels, 8 batteries, 2 invertors, and the 2 wind generators I had purchased.
    They were all headed up there in less than a week, and I wondered what would happen, "IF" I happened to be in the wrong place at the right time!
    I tried to impress on the land owner, I needed a signed and notarized document allowing me egress and ingress to the property, and something stating I was an owner.....that never materialized.
    Yup, it's time to "re-group", quite literally!
    Thanks you all for your input again!
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