The President's Army

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    Read this while keeping in mind many of the wrongs that occurred in O'Bummer time in the big chair, as well as all the talk that the .mil had Trump's back

    The President’s Army
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    What? That's crazy talk. Q doesn't exist.
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    No comment!

    As a former JSOC guy, I know some of this is true, some questionable, and some I just don't know anything about! The idea that they could do some things in the political realm is quite real, and I wouldn't doubt it happened, and could happen again! My only question is How did Joe steal the election if JSOC had it's fingers in that cookie jar?
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    Perhaps a better question is why?
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    From my own years of experience of rubbing elbows with some of these units, it seems to me to be a pretty fair write up; however, the Intelligence community itself is so convoluted that it is impossible to define accurately, even when given their mission statements, their purpose, goals or even reporting structure. I mean, consider all the intelligence agencies in existence. (Note: if you ever want to abuse yourself try listing all the intelligence agencies you can find then try listing exactly what they do) Furthermore, they do NOT play well with each other - meaning - sharing information. I have personally seen it take direct action from Congress or the President to force these agencies to comply (I speak of Desert Storm). Here is a simple example, I worked for a project under an Intelligence agency and receive my project access and my clearance from them. About two years later, the funding was transferred to one of the Services (the military) to continue the project and take if from design, development and proof of concept to a more mainstream O&M (Operations and Maintenance) portion - out of the proof of concept to implementation. I had to COMPLETELY go through the full vetting process not only for compartmental access but my TS clearance also to include the SCI portion even though I had been working on the project from its beginning. Talk about a waste of time and money! Let's not talk about sharing information...

    As far as the President having personal control over JSOC and other elite organizations - well - he is the Commander-in-Chief so - yeah and if not complete control he sure has a hell'va lot of influence. However, many high-level Commanders have special units under their control. For example, the Joint Chiefs of Staff have the Joint Communications Support Element (JCSE) while the White House Communication Agency (WHCA) falls under the DoD but who do you think actually controls them.

    Anyway, I don't think there were too many stretches of the imagination in this article. As far as JSOC teaming with Trump - well - there certainly isn't any document anywhere that would relate to this as such it is left to the viewer to decide. I would like to think the at the very least JSOC and the Marine Corps has our backs.

    EDIT: "My only question is How did Joe steal the election if JSOC had it's fingers in that cookie jar?"
    Not even JSOC can be everywhere at once and while some of the votes were simply from stuffing ballot boxes, the majority was stolen by computer fraud and tampering with the voting machines and/or process. These types of actions are extremely difficult to work against especially if you, like JSOC, are force to work from the shadows. No, this should have been stopped by the rule of law and when that failed by the Republican party in Congress. I say again, IF we see a repeat in November of these illegal actions, which is highly likely as the Democrat party shows no concern for voter opinion polls then we are in serious deep $hit and all need to move financial assets out of the country asap.
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    I like where your heads at.
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    Thanks @Ura-Ki and @Bandit99 ..

    That article answered some real questions I had. I am thinking that the pay back has been incomplete, for those that matter!
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