The price of a gallon of gas....

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    I went to a local gas station in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma where diesel is $4.92 and 9/10 of a gallon and regular unleaded is a little under that. I asked the clerk for $5.00 worth of gas and he leaned over the counter, farted, and gave me a receipt.

    I heard that diesel will be way over $5.50 by the middle of June in these parts.

    I don't know what's it going to take to lower these prices. The Senate has already had two meetings with the Executives of the major oil companies in regard to the rising prices of fuel. Boy, those fellas sure can dance around those questions.........It's almost like they rehearsed it before they were called to the carpet.

    Well, I've said my piece on this.........I'll be 10-6 for a while.

    Peace Out!
  2. Ivan

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    thats not very funny.[dunno]
  3. Tango3

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    $5.50! "POPE POOH!!!"
    (holy feces)...
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