Original Work The Prism Mysteries -- The Story of the Mummified Stranger

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    I've been accused in the past of writing romance stories. I'll have to take the fifth on that. People that spend exciting times together often become…involved. I really think of that as less Romance as much as bonding. That bonding can certainly mature into something more, over time.

    This book is the start of a mystery series. The opening story is about love, loss and what might happen when politics gets mixed into something as mundane as dying. You will meet and get to know Patricia Pabst, Christine 'Tina' Murman and her two coworkers, Lyle Begglethorpe and Stanhope Whitley Murdock III. The crew of Full Spectrum Productions makes a living by telling stories. In the process of telling those stories, they seem to solve or at least reduce some of the mysteries that are found…or that find them. Captain Mike Stone, U.S. Army Special Forces certainly appreciates that help…

    This story is really about a journey, the travels and troubles, if you will, of different people as they deal with life and death. Each sees the world they live in quite differently. Many see themselves as alone and perhaps, we all are in the end. Even with many friends, work mates and 'social others' in our lives, just how connected are we when it all wraps up?

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