The Problem With America And The Constitution

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    The Problem With America And The Constitution

    The Constitution of the United States of America is a perfect document whose days are numbered. It was written by men filled with the Spirit of God to govern those who are not. Not the other way around.
    Religion from the early settlers was aflame with persecution. Ardent. Real. We have forgotten much as a culture. Our roots.

    The Constitution works well under the rule of Moral Law such as the 10 Commandments, especially when people believe in the moral law.
    But remove that constraint and we are a country filled with miscreants and thieves. In my estimation we are ripe for judgement.

    The funny thing about what I am I believe that this country can only function morally if the christian majority is holding the reins. BUT...I also believe that the CONSTITUTION is correct in allowing freedom of worship. It veers towards a natural and expected end; when evil men will reign over religion and people.

    The problem becomes when the religion of one seeks to destroy the other.
    We live in a time where our political offices are filled with corrupt men seeking anything but Godly wisdom.

    At some point one religion is going to dominate the other. And sooner it will be the Christians who are dominated by Islam and generally by secular society.

    The final state of things rests in the hands of the God of my religion...which is Christ. He will reign with a rod of iron over humanity keeping them in check by His authority. That is the only way humans don't destroy themselves, because we are headed for destruction in this current time in which we live.

    I guess I am saying that The CONSTITUTION is right, but it is
    flawed...because humanity will always turn away from the moral law, which of course leads to war and more war. Until the technology and methods of war become fascist, wiping out people in great genocidal swaths. History will repeat itself I am just not sure where I will be when it happens.

    Therefore my only hope is Christ who holds the moral standard and has the authority to enforce it. But until such time as Christ comes back and restores all things and rules with a rod of iron, we are left here to hold the standard for Him.

    When the tide of war turns against those who rule in moral fashion...then there is nowhere left to go but chaos, until the final authority returns.
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    It's my belief that morals are the result of character rather than religion. There are men and women whose morals are beacons to the rest of the world but do not share your adherence to a religious authority
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    The Constitution is sound, written by divinely inspired men. The problem is now, leaders do not follow it, in fact they are destroying it. God can work miracles to change this, and he uses man to do that. I hope he uses me to help restore it someday.
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    AMEN. We are in a big hole and we seem to keep digging. I have hope though and I will become a Templar for my country. God bless all of you and this very fragile experiment in freedom we call home.
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    Amen. You will have my sword, my prayers, and my diligence. I pray the Lord makes me a Templar for my country as well.
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    The problem with this country isn't so much the Constitution or the abuse of it but an over-all something for nothing sense of entitlement that keeps people from taking responsibility for their own lives. Today, I read an article about a single multiple mother waiting in line all night to receive subsidies to pay her heating bill costs. She was receiving subsidized housing, free medical care for herself and four children, foodstamps, and was complaining that wasn't a free disposable diaper fund so she could get pampers for the newborn and the one in the oven. Never occurred to her to stop doing whatever it is that keeps her having more babies for me to support. And she get to fricking vote!
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    Chicken or Egg?

    Is her condition her fault or is she the end product of a system that nurtures and supports her condition.

    You visit a lot of third world countries. Are the natives genetically lazy or did someone bring them coca cola and Ramen noodles?

    I need to bail out of this thread early... ;)
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    YEP, Stupid is stupid. Ain't no way around it. By the way Obame is gonna pay my rent and buy my gas. Tell that lady to get responsible and take charge of her own life. She won't do it and you and I will continue to pay for it. Take care of you and your loved ones and get ready to hunker down as the lid blows off.
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    Well, the welfare recipients and poor or lazy people aren't the problem -they are the result.

    Now, STUPID people...that's another thing.
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    I tend to agree. and I agree with Watchman220 on this too. To further explain- where is a father in this scenario? Men don't know how to be men anymore. There are many illustrations in the Bible about how a man should be. Americans have moved away from God. The structure of the family is in jeopardy. Divorce is the norm (even in Christian populations). It starts with the individual, spreads to the family, community, and to the rest of the country.

    Now, as SC explained, this woman sits at home with a sense of entitlement, no understanding of hard work, and the cycle will repeat itself. Even if you aren't a Christian, everyone should have enough pride to want to make it on their own. That WAS an American value not long ago.

    Things are so screwed up now, a soldier has to be issued values because he doesn't come into the Army with a good set ;)
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    If i can paraphrase Thomas Jeffferson... the country will fall when folks realize thet they can vote themselves benefits....

    for an Interesting perspective consider the great Society programs from LBJ... there is a paralell with placing the american indians on reservations... what have we done with LBJ housing projects (reservations) food stamps (cows to eat) goverment oversight ( cops vs troops), and remove the will of the peiople ( drugs vs alcohol)... just a thought...
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    True. Very true. It's amazing how much this has changed.
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    I happen to practice a Norse pagan religion and it teaches the same moral guidelines as Christianity as does almost every religion I have studied around the world. Whatever you choose to believe happens in the afterlife or lack thereof is up to you, but one need not be a Christian to be of sound moral character.
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