The Punt Gun

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by kckndrgn, Apr 2, 2007.

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    Amonst other things my Grandfather got himself involved with, he spent some time as a market gunner on the Chesapeake Bay. One of his storys had to do with an 0 guage punt gun. I cannot attest to the verity of it, BUT: He said the standard load for that was 1 lb of powder, 1 lb of miscellaneous scrap metal (nails, bolts, nuts, what have you.) Mount the gun in a punt, and blast rafts of ducks at better than 100 yards. Aim by pointing the punt, and knowing the range was all it took, then row out and collect what was left for the markets. [dunno]
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    That's how I pictured my dad's 12 gauge when I was a kid.
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    Very, very cool!:cool:
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    Thats cool. wonder how many game wardens would find ya when you touched that off. Easy way of getting a weeks worth of grub tho.
    Take care Be safe Poacher.
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    Black powder smoke can hang around for a while. Gotta row fast --. But market gunning was legal in them thar long gone days.
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    Hope I am not repeating myself but one of the old family stories my grandfather told me was about one of my ancesters shooting passenger peigeons sometime about 1850 or so. The flock was spotted early in the morning and he shot while his wife and kids reloaded until he couldn't shoot the shotgun any longer. Then his wife shot until the flock had passed over. I have no idea of how many birds they shot and I don't think they did either. The lesson that came down was that they "saved the crop and paid that years mortage payment." If the flock had landed and destroyed the crop, we would have a different lesson and probably never heard of any of it. When there is no "insurance" or "government aid" I think a lot of attitudes will change. The same as the people who lament the loss of the bufflo. If a herd of several million passed through your farm or ranch, you probably had a new occupation. They were exterminated in order to allow farming and ranching on the great plains. I couldn't say if it was right or wrong, but I know what my attitude would have been if I had a crop in front of the herd. I do know that if TSHTF a lot a attitudes will change very quickly or you may be very dead. Knowledge and survival attitude will probly either keep you alive or kill you. Just wish I knew now what knowledge and which attitude are the ones that will keep you alive. I think that the whole purpose of being interested in survival and these blogs is to get some idea of what may work and what other people are thinking of as being good ideas for survival.
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