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Discussion in 'Politics' started by CATO, May 11, 2012.

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    Is it just me, or have you noticed that both candidates are having to endorse or condemn issues that conform to what a candidate of a particular party should endorse / condemn? have to endorse same-sex marriages....that's what a liberal should do....and it will get you votes from the LGBT group.'ve got to reverse your opinion on same-sex couples're just alienating the Bible thumpers and you have to distance your value-set from the Kenyan....he's already got the gayz in the pocket.

    Why is this crap even important given financial issues that are going on??? Huh? Only the sheeple could give a crap about such pointless issues.

    Romney backs away from gay adoptions - Political Hotsheet - CBS News
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    Guit, you know as well as I do, the only time a politician, especially one running for POTUS, lies is when he opens his mouth. :D

    There is no way ANY politician has a ghost of a chance of winning if he takes a definite stand "fer or agin" any issue. He's got to be in favor of all 8 sides of an issue at the same time as being in favor of only one side. They lie, cheat and steal. And we, the little folks, are the ones who pay for it.

    Ron Paul seems to be about the only one who takes a stand and means it. Which means he doesn't have a ghost of a chance to be elected.

    Both the Kenyan and the 1%er will say whatever it takes, including answering such important issues as "I really don't remember holding that kid down in high school and cutting his long hair, but if I did, I'm sorry." Now how's THAT for an apology?? Course, coincidentally, the 2 kids he's accused of bullying are dead now, so they can't give their side.

    There's only one outcome possible in this election: [shtf]

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    The Gay Issue is just Smoke&Mirrors to take the Great Unwashed Masses' limited attention span off DWTS and the serious issues til (s)election time.

    Liberal Heavy or Liberal Lite - choose yer poison! :rolleyes:
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    Seawold is exactly on target!

    0bama came out of the closet on Gays and the media brings up some 50 year old stale news about Romney.

    This will continue until election day; so 0bama can stay in the closet avoiding any discussion on jobs, the economy, energy prices, illegals. the deficit and the rest of 0bama's failed presidency.
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