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    The purpose of the Ra expeditions was to prove a possible link between the civilization of ancient Egypt and the New World. To do this, it was necessary to sail a sea-going ship made of papyrus reeds - a type of ship not built for over a thousand years, if ever - across the breadth of the Atlantic. Scientific authorities and nautical experts alike derided the project as an impossible dream. This is the incredibly gripping saga of how Thor Heyerdahl and his extraordinary crew overcame every obstacle, including shipwreck, to make the dream come true

    The book (found on Amazon -

    It takes a special kind of crazy - or a strong belief - to do this sort of thing. The book (and photos) shows how both voyages went - start to finish Out to sea in what is, in es seance, a paper boat.

    Sadly, Thor's theories have been disproved (debunked is too harsh a word) by DNA testing, but the book makes for a great late afternoon/rainy day read.

    On these expeditions, he had a chase boat -
    which turned out to be a wise precaution.

    Second time's the charm
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