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    Accts Receivable Joke :^)

    There were two scientists from Eastern Europe, one from Russia and one from the Czech Republic, whose life passion was studying the habitat of bears. The only bear they hadn't had a chance to study yet was the great North American Grizzly Bear.

    After months of arrangements, they finally got permission to fly to Montana to do their studies. Fortunately, two American scientists agreed to accompany them on their mission because they knew the best places to find the species.

    After several days of hiking and finally entering Grizzly territory, the Americans suggested that the group had better split up. This way, if a Grizzly bear attacked, it wouldn't be able to hurt all of them. The Europeans went to one side of the mountain while the Americans when to the other side, both agreeing to meet half-way early the next morning.

    The next morning, the Americans awoke and started hiking to the meeting place. The European scientists were not there, so they hurried toward the general area where they knew they were camping. After a while, the

    Americans could see the Europeans' camp off in the distance; the camp looked devastated!
    When they finally arrived, they could see that two Grizzly bears had invaded the camp during the night leaving no sign of either the Russian or Czech scientists! By all the signs and tracks, it could easily be seen that both bears were huge, one male and one female.

    Pulling out their rifles, the Americans went to work tracking down the Grizzlies, whose trail led deep into the wilderness. After tireless tracking, they finally caught up with the female bear and shot it. Very carefully the Americans cut open the female bear and found she had eaten the Russian scientist.
    Looking at each other they said simulaneously...

    "The Czech's in the male!"
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    gotta say that was BAD LOL
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    :lol: I love it!!!
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