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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CATO, Aug 1, 2012.

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    That's a pretty firm prediction.
  3. bgner

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    Scary......better get my ducks in a row quick![shtf]
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    We are still under the same Bank Holiday declared by FDR on March 6, 1933. I know this because it is also the empowering act which grants the private banks the privilege to operate and conduct banking business in these United States.

    As for the fall of the Euro so soon...I am no trend forecaster or expert, but that's a little short-sighted and quite a stretch. I will say this, the Euro and the US Dollar are both FIAT currencies operated by private banking interests and focused on globalist policies, so they have a certainty to's just a matter of when. I have been expecting the Dollar to be debased and an all-out depression to unfold with massive starvation and WROL society since the early 90's. At first it was the WACO massacre and police crack-downs all over on mass meetings in the US, everyone claimed the government was preparing for martial law, this brought on the rumors of an economic collapse. Next, it was the Y2K bug and the end of modern civilization, the economy was expected to collapse then, also. In September 2001, we saw the face of true corruption with the catastrophe perpetrated by black-ops agencies and Israeli agents working for the secret government in an attempt to bring about profit for oil through perpetual war and an imaginary enemy to replace Communism, called 'Terrorism'. The economy was supposed to collapse soon after this, too.

    Again, it's going to happen at some point --I just don't trust in fortune tellers, there's no future in it. [nutkick]
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    My money is on October. If we make it through October without a WWIII with Iran, I'll be happy. But, it would not surprise me if the Kenyan, smelling defeat in the air, precipitates something just to cancel the elections. I'm not a conspiracy guy, but the writing is on the wall............

    8844. 8844.
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    Yeah, the "O"has laid plenty of groundwork already.He just waits for his masters to slip his leash.
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    There is a story from back in June that police in at least one major US city were told to get ready for a "militia" attack in October.
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    I pray for all of us nothing we fear will ever come to pass in our lifetimes or in our children's childrens lifetimes but I am a realist and can feel momentum building like never before.

    Semper Paratus my friends
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    One word that will definitely get me on someones list.

    Ok that and BitCoin

    By the way, those little storm troopers are not bullet proof. Just barely protected from blunt force trauma that may be caused by a run away Hummer.
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    Yeah, but this time Obama is going to be re-elected and just to ensure there is no new years, they Mayans killed off Dick Clark!!!
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    If Obama gets reelected we are all screwed! I thought it was bad 4 years ago, it's steadily gotten worse. We will be right in the middle of the Great Depression again if he is reelected. :(
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    Bgner, we are already in middle of Great Depression!!! It just got so bad in the last 3 1/2 years!!!
  13. VisuTrac

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    IF he gets re-elected? It's going to take a miracle if he doesn't.
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    You wouldnt know it in my town. Go down the main drag and OutBack, Ruby Tues., Cracker Barrel, and numerous others are all packed. Husband and I go out on anniversaries, birthdays but seems the general public eats out all the time. Dont know how they afford it, a good meal is at least $30 then you leave a tip. Most people dont have a clue what will happen when the plastic dont work anymore. There will be panic and riots everywhere when the economic collapse comes.......which I think is soon (my opinion).
  15. ghrit

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    Those plastics work and will as long as zero keeps funding them.
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    And I'm for Romney. I see on some of the threads where some Monkeys arent voting, or are voting for Ron Paul. If I saw a chance in a million that Paul would win I'd vote for him but it aint gonna happen.
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    Romney will be more of the same as Obama.
    They both get their strings pulled by the same puppetmasters.
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    The economy is headed into recession again, which happens more often in September than any other month.

    Unemployment is about 20%, the official numbers only count people still collecting benefits.

    The harvest will be bad this year because of the drought, which will become impossible for the average person to ignore in Sept./Oct. when food prices rise.
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