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Discussion in 'Survival Reading Room' started by btlook1, Jan 24, 2011.

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    Howdy all new guy here. Just came across this site a few weeks ago finally registered and 1st post here.
    I'm interested in more reading material. Am I missing it here? I read somewhere that there was an archive with quite a few survival stories in it?

    Anyway love the site and have bookmarked it with 4 stars....I will be spending lots of nights here as time allows. Take care. bt.
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    btlook1, welcome to the monkey tree. There is plenty to read at the Reading room, right where you started when you posted this. I would suggest diving deep into the archives, and go to the last page (there are 10). One problem that you brought to my attention with your post, is that, some of the older posts no longer work. If you encounter that, you can do one of a few things..... Flag the post this will bring it to the attention of Admin., You may read the post and see that there is enough info available that even though the link didn't work, you can do a quick online search, and come up with your own link to exactly the same thing. You might want to post a correction with a valid link if that is the case. Flag the post anyway so Admin can check the whole thing. "Light's Out" is an excellent read, and everyone should have a copy! Halffast is a member here and we no longer provide his book for free reading. It is available as a hard copy signed or not and as an ebook. I am going to be looking at old reading room posts and links and trying to resolve the issues. It will not be resolved over night. Feel free to PM if you are looking for something and can't find it. I am an excellent researcher. Even if I do say so myself. Again, Welcome to the forum.
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