The real reason the Pope resigned

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    The Barbarians are coming!!!! Wonder if this had anything to do with it[chopper]

    110th Anniversary | Harley-Davidson USA

    I already booked my tickets and hotel (I live abroad so this is closer and cheaper than Milwaukee). The hotel overlooks the parade route. The websites are predicting around 20,000 bikers from all over Europe to converge there. I wanted to rent a bike and ride in the parade but everyone in Italy is already reserved!! Costs too much to ship mine there so I'll just be there to watch.

    1400 motorcycles chosen by prize draw will be blessed by the Pope in St Peters Square.

    " Ago ut veho, veho vivo, prodeo quod volvo ut vox in, in nomine patre, et fili, spiritus sancti"
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    What, he was worried that he might succumb to tempation, or worried that some of those bikers might be the brothers or parents of boys he allowed to be abused?[reddevil]
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    You're still lucky to be there, even if you don't get to ride. [rockon]
  5. DMGoddess

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    No kidding.
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    The proposed papal blessing plan assumes that the conclave of cardinals can pick a candidate by June of this year capable of hauling the papacy and the priesthood out of the cesspit that has been so ably dug by many in the church hierarchy.

    At the moment this church is going to hell in a hand-basket, and the only thing that will save it from utter irrelevancy will be a reformist pope * who has the courage and will power to clean up the mismanagement and corruption that seems endemic to the organisation. It will be a job that will make the new Pope feel that cleaning the Augean Stables would be a much softer and less odouriferous option.

    * Reformist Popes tend to have a short life expectancy once consecrated: as an arch-conservative would be a much more likely survivor, it's likely that it will be business as usual...same old, same old.
  7. chelloveck

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    It seems that a new Pope has been elected....Frank the First. I wish him luck...for he will need it in swags.

    Argentina's Bergoglio elected as new Pope Francis| Reuters

    from what I have read of the papal form guide, he's a dark horse who's done well on the provincial tracks, but he's a bit long in the tooth and it is yet to be seen whether he is a stayer...he may baulk at hurdles. It will be interesting to see how he manages getting out of the starting gate at the Vatican track....Vatican bank scandals, internal corruption, paedophile priest scandals, political intriguing and rivalry within the church hierarchy, challenges from competing religions and secularism, diminishing influence on secular institutions....Frank will need to have a lot of endurance if he is to win any significant trophies.
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    didn't nostradamus have something in his prediction about the pope in a sidecar?
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    You know, the MSM right now is trying to find all the skeletons in his closet.
    On a completely different wavelength, isn't Argentina the place where a number of Nazis ran off to after the war? Hmm, Nah. It must have been somewhere else.
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    Yep one of the few perks of living in the Middle East is the close proximity to some pretty cool places. Popping over to Rome for a week is about like someone back home taking the kids to Disneyworld. Except I imagine Rome would be a lot cheaper!!!
    I had a choice of the 110th in Rome or going with some friends to the 30th birthday bash for H.O.G. in the south of France. They are going to rent bikes in Barcelona and ride the coast up and around to France. Guess which one the wife was set on!!

    And BTW the latin in the OP is loosely translated;

    " Ride to live, live to ride, go forth and roll that power on, in the name of the father, the son, and the holy ghost"

    I wonder if the new Pope will honor the commitment of the old one. I'm curious what kind of "blessing" he is going to give to a bunch of bikers! The old Pope blessed two of the first commemorative fuel tanks to launch the 110th year of celebrations.
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    What do you do Chelly, scan every thread, every post just looking for someplace you can jump in with your anti religion bias? You must live a sad life. Who gives a rats ass about a new pope or church politics etc., except you. This thread is a humorous thread about bikes, the only reason I didn't put it in the M/C forum was for more exposure. But I bet you would have found it there too. The only thing odoriferous around here is your inane posts.

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    Oh, I am sure the new pope will be all smiles for the event, with it being one of his first big public gigs and all...

    I almost went to the 110th. Beautiful there.
  13. Minuteman

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    I would love to go to the one in Milwaukee but that is way too far for me. I almost went to the 100th anniversary celebration there but had to work.
    Just a little backstory for those who might be interested. Harley Davidson became a company in 1903, but they made a little single stroke engine to mount on bicycles. It was not until 1913 that they came out with their first official Harley-Davidson motorcycle. That's why the 110th is such a big deal. They are having these big celebrations all around the world. South Africa, China, India etc. with the grand finale being in Milwaukee in I believe Sept.
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    That's cool. I didn't know Harley's were so popular overseas.
  15. Minuteman

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    Yeah the Harley brand is a true American success story. The company almost went out of business in the 70's. It was bought out by the sports company AMC and the brand nearly died out but then Willie G. Davidson the grandson of the original founder couldn't let his grandfathers company die so he raised enough capitol to buy it back from the hated AMC. Within 20 years he had marketed it into a world wide brand and opened up markets around the world that nobody ever dreamed of. Harleys outsell Honda's in Japan where they cost almost a years salary. There are huge rallies every year in Cairo, Johannesburg, Jakarta, Dubai, and the European bike week each year rivals Sturgis or Daytona.
    I haven't been anywhere yet that hasn't had a Harley dealership. Well I take that back they don't have one in Venice [sinking] But I have shirts from New Delhi, Cairo, Dhahran, and Salzburg. They are huge in Europe and the Middle East. The Dhahran H.O.G. chapter has over 400 members.
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    HOG is in Beijing.
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