the result of the nanny state: sheeple extinction

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CATO, Sep 13, 2011.

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    when all you think of is yourself, there is no one else to consider
    so YOU will be the only one calling 911
    YOU will be the only one in trouble
    YOU will be the only one having an emergency
    that is how those sheeple see it
    no one else matters, just themselves
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    More like a case of evolution by natural selection

    You have pointed out a correlation between so called "sheeple" and the so called "nanny state"....but correlation doesn't imply causation.

    Correlation does not imply causation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Some humans seem to have become adapted to an environment whereby constant threats to immediate extinction are no longer endemic and have been largely eliminated by the "benefits" of the civilisation that largely wraps much of the 1st World population in a largely cotton wool existence.

    Some, less domesticated humans have resisted the beguiling seduction of western consumerism, or see that the present time of ease and relative a temporary aberration before a not too distant time when life will yet again be "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short". The latter feral group of humans...are what might be referred to as "preppers".

    Both groups will adapt to a more dystopian environment....some will survive the transition...some will not. The smart money is on those who started their transition to adapting to tough times earlier, rather than later.
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    It's not totally the Government's fault - FEMA, the Red Cross, and many other organizations in or affiliated with the Government tell these people to prepare, to have a few days at least of supplies, that 'help' may be days away. If the Sheeple don't listen, maybe too much wool in their ears......
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    Chelloveck, I have been reading your posts for quite some time now, and while I do not always agree with your opinions, they are nice responses to read.. It is becoming FAR too uncommon across the internet to find posters that actually use the English language.. Whether it be from higher education, or just one of those little calenders that has the big word of the day on it, it is nice to see.. [coo]
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    I agree! Even the CDC is telling people to be prepared for disasters. You'd think after more recent natural disasters that showed how ineffective, incompetent, and impotent the govt. was at dealing with the aftermath, the sheeple would be less likely to fall backwards into the arms of the govt. machine.

    I can't fathom why they can't see that the only one who will truly look out for you and your family is yourself. UNLESS...they've been conditioned to think that every time they have had a need, the govt. has been there for them (i.e., they had a baby, the govt gave them money; they needed a place to live, the govt gave them housing; they wanted to go to school, the govt. gave them money). They "couldn't help themselves"...but, the govt. has always been there to *give* them things. It seems reasonable for them to think if a disaster happened, these same people would expect/demand that govt. continue to bail them out.

    This conditioning is why I think the govt. has created a whole group of people who don't know how to care for themselves because they've never had to. All they know is that the govt. will help them out.
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    Thank you Cabo,

    But no higher education geek here....I dropped out of highschool before completing my Higher School Certificate, but fortunately I managed to get into the civil service anyway. Some twenty years of drafting ministerial correspondence, submissions and reports, together with some 20 years of service writing while commissioned as an army officer helped quite a bit.

    From time to time I write prose and poetry for my own pleasure, and my vocabulary I attribute to a voraciously eclectic appetite for reading and self education. In that respect, I share something in common with Louis L'Amour.

    Here are a couple of pertinent quotes from Louis L'Amour:

    One inspirational book of L'Amour's that I read that is well worth reading is his "Education of a Wandering Man". Links to the reference are appended below.

    Education of a Wandering Man by Louis L'Amour - Reviews, Discussion, Bookclubs, Lists

    I enjoy reading philosophy...hence my Avatar of David Hume.

    Three Minute Philosophy - David Hume - YouTube

    Hitler finds out about his philosophy grad school applications - YouTube
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    i have freinds that have a way higher degree of education then i and half of them hate me because i am smatter then they are but i have less school smarts ..they have masters and phd's i have a 2 year working and they are not .. i can hunt and kill a big game anaimal ..i can cut it up i can jerky it or can it i will live they wont ..these are yale and harvard types..yea they made more money then i did ..but i will out live them and for way less ..they spent all their time learning one thing and one thing only ..i got lost and learned every thing .. and that time i spent be collage in the marine corps that dont mean any thing i \will giggle all the way to my reteat cause im stupid like that
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    and daddy made sure id surive..boot camp was fun
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    I think that by the time I was fourteen, I had read almost everything written by Louis L'Amour. He was an interesting man who led an interesting life.

    And I was sure that avatar was a portrait of you. Ha ha!

    I agree with Cabo; I have enjoyed, and continue to enjoy, your postings. (y)
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    Bootcamp was FUN? What did you do, go to San Diego or something? Ha ha!
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    I would like to make one singe Point, on this thread. That being, "Sheeple will never become extinct, Period"... What the Nanny State attempts to do, keep the sheeple in an easy to control, Group, and keep them eating the grass, making more sheeple, to keep the flock size increasing, and make up for those sheeple lost to the "Wolves" and those that turned into Sheepdogs. and then just "Who" is the Nanny State, then you ask? Well it is the Shepard, who continually shears the sheeple, for everything they worked for, and then sells off the Older, and excess Young, to the slaughterhouses, to feed the Shepard's Family. Without the sheeple, the Shepard starves to death, the wolves eat each other, and the sheepdogs, have to compete with the wolves, for what ever is left around to eat. So you see, it is in no ones interest, to kill off the Sheeple. It is in everyones interest to keep them just as they are. Fat, Dumb, and Blind to their future, while shearing, and culling, them every so often. .... YMMV....
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    I agree with BTPost, the more sheeple Big Brother has to watch over the less time they spend watching the rest of us.
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