The results of the Federal Reserve Audit

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    About stinkin time. Now, lets REPEAL THE FREAKIN' FEDERAL RESERVE ACT, NOT REFORM THE RESERVE! Start emailing your Senators, start calling your congressmen! Get the fire LIT!

    Report Posted on Bernie Sanders OFFICIAL SENATE Site - Senator for Vermont

    It says:
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    Aren't they unconstitutional in the first place.
    So why have the powers that be let go on for this long.
    I have contacted ever person in office that I could think of and have to this date not gotten anything in return.
    So it's business as usual.
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    Yes, technically the Federal Reserve is Unconstitutional - in many ways. However, the Federal Reserve Act bypasses the Constitution because Congress voted the Act into being.

    Whether or not Congress had the right to delegate it's Constitutionally appointed role to coin (and understood as "print") money is questionable. The very vote that passed the act into being in and of itself is questionable. Additionally the Federal Reserve Bank is a private institution serving private individuals, established to protect powerful financial interests, which prints bills of credit - Federal Reserve Notes are not backed by anything but the good faith that America's credit is good.

    Here is a good site that encapsulates the viewpoints of the un-Constitutionality of the Federal Reserve Act/Bank.
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